All About Airbrushes

Monday, January 06, 2014
For most women, applying the foundation of makeup (aptly named, for a good foundation for any set of cosmetics consist of concealer as needed, a thin layer of foundation, and primer for eye shadows) requires the use of brushes, pads, and cotton balls. This can be messy and time consuming, and also requires the cleaning of reusable tools to prevent makeup from building up and causing application problems and even potential fungal growth. But more women are turning to the art of airbrush makeup. With an airbrush makeup kit, you can apply a thin, consistent layer of foundation, and even blush and/or bronzer, and have a resulting coverage that is flawless and definitely camera-ready.

With an airbrush, makeup is applied via what is essentially a miniature, more gentle version of a paint sprayer. The airbrush is held in the hand similar to how a writing instrument is held, and with a built-in compressor the makeup is applied thinly to skin, with extra care used around the eyes to avoid accidents. Airbrush kits should not be confused with foundation in spray cans, which provides a similar finish, but one that still isn't as professional looking as what an airbrush can achieve.

Airbrush makeup used to be reserved for only professional stylists, but these days small airbrush kits are available for everyday consumers, too.

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