Becoming a Perfect and a Successful Model

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Each and every aspiring model knows that Modeling Industry is a very colorful, entertaining and an exciting industry but along with it comes a lot of compromises and commitments that the models have to make in order to become successful. Not all models who enter the industry are perfect nor do they become successful overnight. A lot of hard work, determination and dedication go into making a successful career. It is all about character and attitude that the models should have towards their work. Here are few tips that will help models through their journey:

Carrying the Right Attitude Modeling is extremely competitive and not everyone can make their place in the industry. But with a right attitude and respect towards work, models can definitely find place in this ever growing and competitive industry. Apart from having a good nature, models should be patient. They should also have common sense and a strong personality. They need to know what is good for them and what is bad. They should be able to make matured decisions and must have the ability to confidently say no to something that they do not want to do or are asked to do against their personal or religious beliefs or principles. 

Positive Approach – A model might be endorsed by a single agency but an agency can endorse multiple models which means that if one model receives immense offers the others might not. In such a case models who have received the offers should remain sober and those who have not received need to stay confident and work on their areas of development if any and wait for the right opportunity. They need not get dejected or show their frustration on others. They need to stay calm and focused during all times. 

Choosing Modeling Opportunities – Initially models would get a lot of opportunities depending upon their portfolios or talent. It is important that they choose the right opportunity. Just because they are flooded with opportunities they should not choose all of them. This will result in lot of adversities such as not getting enough rest, not being able to give complete attention to individual projects, loosing concentration and focus, etc. At the same time they should also be open for freelancing with or without the assistance of an agency. Models can become independent of their choices and choose the right project when it comes to freelancing and can also work with different kinds of projects thus gaining exposure as well as experience. 

Marketing and Promotion – While model agencies do a lot of marketing and promotion on behalf of the models, models should also do their part to market themselves. They can choose their eFolios and zCards to market themselves on the internet. Models might get offers from all over the world. Alternatively they can also be a part of various online modeling forums and discussion boards or blogging. They can stay in touch with the industry professionals such as co-models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, agencies, casting directors, etc. At the end of the day it is all about how hard the models are willing to work to make their own place in the industry. 

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  1. Yes! Modelling is not just having a perfect body and gorgeous face! Attitude towards modelling is also a great factor!


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