Losing Your Hair? A Quick Look at How Upcoming Hair Loss Treatments Compare to Current Therapies

Saturday, January 11, 2014
Losing your hair is a sign that age is creeping up on you. Waking up one day to look in the mirror and see bald patches is an event that every man dreads. Fortunately today, unlike generations ago, there are different hair loss treatments that abound in the marketplace, so that balding men have hope! One of these is Regaine hair loss treatment, which promises to regrow your hair if you just use it two times a day. These days, when you lose your hair, you don't have to resort to a comb-over! Here is a quick look at how upcoming hair loss treatments compare to current therapies.

Rogaine Falls Short in Treatment Duration
Rogaine is a hair loss treatment that acts upon shrinking hair follicles in order to prevent them from dying. This procedure then also stimulates hair growth. This is a medication that comes in the form of a solution that has to be applied to the hair two times per day. If this schedule is not followed, then hair loss is going to continue. Compared to Regaine hair loss treatment, Rogaine has to be applied indefinitely, which can be inconvenient. However, all it takes with Regaine is a schedule of 16 weeks in order to see results. Hey, it's not called "Regaine" for nothing!

Propecia Can Be a Hard Pill to Swallow…Literally
Propecia is a drug that was originally created to treat prostate issues, yet today it's being used in the fight against male pattern baldness. It works by stopping the formation of the skin's hormones that can lead to male pattern baldness. This medication is available by prescription only, and has to be taken orally every day. Compared to Propecia, Regain is available in a handy foam format that is a great alternative for people who do not want to swallow their hair loss treatment! Applying it topically to the hair and the scalp can be a more pleasant experience than having to swallow a pill every day.

Hair Transplants Take Time to Produce Results
Another option for treating hair loss is a hair transplant. However, it can be a lengthy and painful procedure. The hair transplant process can include the relocation of skin plugs from areas of the scalp with healthy follicles to the bald sections. However, you might need nearly 1000 hair plugs, implanted in separate sessions of 10 to 60 plugs per session! This is a solution that will take some time before you see results. On the other hand, Regaine is simple to apply and will only take 16 weeks for it to work properly.

This has been a quick look at how upcoming hair loss treatments compare to current therapies. In stark contrast to some of the other treatments covered on this list, Regaine was planned and designed to be extremely convenient and efficient. Male pattern baldness can result in insecurity and social problems. This is particularly true if hair loss issues arrive at a relatively young age in a man's life. With Regaine, such hair losses can be stopped and then reversed.


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