Friday, January 10, 2014
Let me begin with an apology. Lately I have been uninspired again to write/blog and I'm wondering why this has happened lately. Although I am taking my time in posting entries, I know that you my dear readers dont deserve to be left hanging. So I'd like to give it  try today :)

 I have always been hesitant to try a lot of skin whitening/care products all at the same time because it might damage my skin or cause it to itch and etc. But that's just the OC in me talking. As I got on Instagram, checking online shop accounts, I stumbled upon one particular online seller's account which offered whitening products such as soaps, creams and facial cleanser among others. I saw some of the reviews from her clients and I suddenly thought that I wanted to try out their products. And now we have come to this, a review of Flawless Zamboanga's Whitening Products! Here, my lovely readers, are what I got from the shop:

Flawless Papaya Soap, Sutla Bleaching Cream, Sutla Whitening Lotion, Sutla Facial Cleanser, Sutla Yogurt Body Scrub and the Multi-Collagen Fruit Soap
That is one helluva whitening package I say! Haha! I was actually surprised that the super friendly seller/owner gifted me this set. Thank you Natasia! <3 Now let's move on to the review for each: 

--The soaps weigh around ___g and is quite small compared to other brands. It has a pillow-like shape and is packed in a cute box. The scent is quite okay - a little fruity since it's papaya. What I love about this soap is that lather really well which makes my bath more enjoyable. You're supposed to leave it on your skin for a 3-5 mins for maximum results. I use it twice a day - bathing in the morning and before retiring at night. Your skin gets softer right after the bath and for you to notice results, you should use it at least for a week and a few days.
--The second soap is somewhat different from the first one because of its shape and its properties. I love using the soap because it has a mild fruity scent and it lathers so well that it makes bathing pleasurable! <3 

This one has got to be my fave product of all! The cream is encased in a tub which comes in 200g and 250g. I love that it's in a tub because it's super easy to scoop out the product. I always scoop the product with my clean hands since I apply this right after bathing at night. It is essential that you use this in the evening becuase you're not exposing your skin to the rays of the sun. It has a mild floral scent which is soothing. It might be just a teeny tiny bit sticky (just a liiiiiiiitle bit) but it dries off quite fast. 

What I first noticed about this is the scent. It reminds me so much of the Victoria Secret Body Mist in Love Spell, I guess. I'm not really sure. The scent lingers on your skin which is a plus for me. However, the product consistency is a little runny unlike the bleaching cream. It is packed in a tube container which stands upright. Anyway, not really a fan of the lotion but I guess it works really well when combined with the other products in the set. 

This baby packs a punch. Haha! It might look just like water but believe me, it cleans your facial skin really well. I did not break out (or have pimples) when I used this product. Also, a little goes a long way too! My sister really fell in love with this because she said it dried out her pimples fast! The only downside is that it stings so be sure to close your eyes during application :( 

I love this product! It smells really goooood that I wanna eat it! Hahaha! It has a really gentle and yummy scent which is equally soothing as well. After rinsing off the product, your skin totally feels super soft and smooth! I love the feeling of it after bathing :) 

So all in all, I would recommend Sutla/Flawless products to you guys because it did wonders for me. It helps whiten your skin in a span of just a few weeks and it is very affordable! After I used up my sponsored set, I went on to purchase another set for myself and my sister because we honestly loved the product! Thank you so much Natasia! <3 If you guys want to purchase these products for yourself, visit Flawless Zamboanga on Instagram and on Facebook!


  1. Tried the Flawless soap. Really effective!

  2. I am using both Sutla Flawless Noni-Mangosteen and Collagen Multi-fruit Soaps for a week now. I have the worse results. Although it helps whiten the complexion a little bit, it made my pimples multiply and my pores grow. It’s only been a week though so idk if it’s final results yet. I made a review here, check it out:

    I hope you can share a detailed experience about this though. I really wanted to get my blemish-free face back.


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