Searching for Value and Affordability in Eyeglasses

Sunday, January 19, 2014
Glasses can be incredibly expensive if you are not careful. This expense is greatly magnified if you are a part of a family that has a history of eyesight that requires the use of prescription eyeglasses. In most cases, it is very important for you to find value and affordability in the children’s, women’s and men’s eyeglasses that you select. Finding this value and affordability is not all that difficult, so long as you take a few factors into consideration and ensure that you follow some simple advice: 
  • Consider durability 
  • Evaluate the need for multiple pairs 
  • Avoid the designer brands 
  • Care for your glasses 
Consider the Durability of the Glasses You Are Selecting
If you have children who wear glasses, or if you yourself find that you are often in need of a new pair of glasses, you should take great care in selecting a pair of glasses that feature durability. Half-rim or full-rim glasses tend to be the most durable, so selecting a pair of glasses with this frame type is ideal. If you are capable of taking good care of your glasses and ensuring that they are not susceptible to damage, you are eligible for a pair of rimless glasses. This is an especially nice option for individuals who prefer to have their glasses be practically invisible on their face. 

Evaluate the Benefit of Multiple Pairs of Glasses
The great thing about opting for more affordable glasses is that it affords you the possibility of purchasing multiple frames. This will allow you to select multiple pairs of glasses for a variety of occasions. You can select a pair of full-rim glasses for everyday use, and also keep a pair of rimless glasses for occasional, more formal use.

Avoid Designer Brands
When you buy a pair of designer glasses, you are not only paying for the materials used to make them, but also for the cost of branding, marketing and sponsorship. These glasses are nice and they are stylish, but certainly not any more stylish than the affordable options that are available to you. Save your money and select multiple pairs of glasses that you can wear everyday without fear of damaging and replacing an expensive pair of glasses. Your glasses are not only supposed to be stylish, they are supposed to be practical and functional.

Take Care of Your Glasses
The easiest way to save on expenses relating to glasses is to make sure that you take good care of all of the glasses that you buy. If you have children, it is important to emphasize the importance of taking proper care of your glasses. This will not prevent your kids from damaging their glasses, but it will minimize the damage they incur, and will likely help to avoid the complete destruction of the glasses. Whether you have children or not, it is also important to invest in a nice case to keep your glasses in at all times, except for when they are on your face of course. You can keep a nice cloth inside the case for regular cleaning, and the case will help any damage from occurring in most situations.


  1. never in my life to wear an eyeglasses.but minsan gusto ko din pang porma

  2. thanks for this post,gonna share this with my son who wear eyeglassess :)

  3. Thank you for this tips. I really need to have an eye check up because my eyes are too sensitive now like I can't stay too long in the PC and I really need to turn off the lights inside my room before I sleep. Too much light can make my eyes a little bit teary one. Thanks for this tips. I might be advised to wear one soon if necessary.

  4. Wow! Thanks for this blog post, I've been using prescription glasses since 3rd year high schhol (that's about 6 years ago) and before I only look for the designer brands because I thought it's more reliable but now I'm more into the durability as well. Aanhin mo nga naman yung mga designer na eyeglasses if madaling masira or hindi ka komportable, diba? :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes I can feel that I really need to go to an optical to have an eye check up due to eye irritating and easy to turn redness specially when it's windy. This also causing me a headaches.
    But I really hates wearing eyeglasses.


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