The “Re-gift” of All Re-gifts - Plastic Surgery

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Few of us could honestly say we have not considered plastic surgery; cosmetic, elective surgery that is. Most of us have one or two things about our appearance we would not mind making look better. But until recently, this was an option for the more affluent. This is changing, and undergoing cosmetic surgery is not only on the rise globally, it is becoming a popular gift. Could this be the ultimate sign that the economy is getting better? It seems so. 

How can plastic surgery be a gift? There are a few ways you can give surgery as a gift. One way is to simply finance the procedure someone wants. This is especially good if they person already has a surgeon they want to work with. Another way is to buy a gift certificate from a particular surgeon or plastic surgery group. This is a common practice at this surgery center in New York

What if you do not know the surgeon a person wants? The techniques in plastic surgery have gotten to a point where most of the “usual procedures” like Botox orJuvederm injections, rhinoplasty (nose job) are so common that it is now a basic skill. Within reason, any certified surgeon can do these procedures. So, as long as you prepay for a surgeon who has a good reputation and is certified, the odds are very high your gift will be just fine. Even more complicated procedures are becoming more common. Click here to see this woman’s amazing results.

But isn’t plastic surgery expensive? Plastic surgery is not pocket change, but prices have dropped over the last decade as advances in techniques have made surgery easier and less risky. It appears that the economy has recovered in many parts of the world enough that more and more people can afford to give cosmetic surgery as a gift. According to Web MD, the average cost of a facelift is under $6500. That is probably a lot less than you thought. Smaller procedures like chemical peels and wrinkle treatments cost less than $1000 in many cases. 

Wouldn’t giving cosmetic surgery as a gift be “rude”? It certainly would be if you had never heard the person talk about it! Clearly, this is a very personal gift; not something you would give your boss probably! But among best friends or family members, it can be a stupendous gift. It is something that will last a long time and will dramatically impact a person’s life. Imagine giving someone the chance to look how they have always wanted to? It is pretty awesome. 

Isn’t elective surgery decadent or immoral? Such a claim is hard to justify. Making things better via artistry and technique is what humans do. No one ever questions making cars better as “immoral”. Feeling happy about the way you look is a core feature to your experiences in life. People who are confident about how they look have more friends and get better job offers. They tend to make more money as well. None of these things is immoral. In fact, they are imperative for a happy life for most. 

Giving plastic surgery as a gift is an option now. It may not have been in the past, but today, most of the procedures are considered “simple” but have an astonishing impact on people’s lives. If you plan ahead and do some research, you can even strike better deals by calling surgeons in advance and asking what kind of price schedule can be worked out. Surgery is a gift that gives back for years in a positive way. Imagine being the catalyst to change someone’s life.

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