Finding the Right Sneakers

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
To figure out what kind of sneakers you need to buy, you should first know the type of feet you have. A good salesperson at a sneaker store can help you get fitted for your foot type, but you can also figure it out on your own. One way is to take a good look at your feet. An even more accurate way to do so is by examining your footprint by running on some paper with wet feet or running in the sand. 

Overall, there are three types of feet:

Flat Feet – If you look at your foot, you will know you have flat feet if you see no arch. If the bottom of your foot from the heel to the toes is flat, you have flat feet. Doing the footprint test, your footprint will look like a blob. You won’t see the curve inward from the big toe to the heel. Most flat-footed people overpronate, which means the foot rolls inward when you run. You’ll have to find sneakers that maintain your stability. You want to look for shoes that highlight “motion control” and “stability” when you buy. Some people have to wear orthotics with sneakers if flat-footed. 

High-Arch Feet – You will know that you have high-arched feet if you notice a definitive arch on your feet. On the footprint test, the print will have an inward curve, making your foot look very skinny in the middle. With high-arches, you usually underpronate, meaning the foot rolls outward as you run. You need to buy flexible sneakers that have a soft midsole for absorbing shock. Look for the words “flexible” and “cushioned” in the description. 

Normal or Neutral Feet – If you examined your foot and it doesn’t look high-arched or flat-footed, you probably have normal or neutral feet. You will only notice a small curve inward. You can shop for sneakers, like the ones you can find at and other shoe stores, without encountering any problems. This is the most common type of foot to have, and there is a nice variety of sneakers is available. 

Sneakers are colorful, fun, trendy, comfortable to wear and very functional. Everyone loves wearing an nice pair of sneakers!

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