Four benefits of using SMS marketing in your hair salon

Friday, February 21, 2014
SMS marketing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate with clients and customers. With bulk text messaging, you can inform your customer base about products and services, keep them with updated with the latest industry news, or advertise a promotion or discount, all in 160 characters or less. With SMS marketing or bulk SMS messaging, you will be able to send permission-based text messages to people who have opted into receive your messages. Here are four benefits of using SMS marketing if you own a hair or beauty salon.

1. Use appointment reminders
SMS marketing can be an effective way to cut down on "no shows", the customers that fail to turn up for a pre-arranged appointment in your hair salon. Send a reminder by text to all customers who have an appointment that day, saving you time and money in the long run. The text message can be personalised to include the name of the recipient, the date and time of the appointment, and a contact telephone number or email address, handy if the customer wants to contact you to cancel. Not only can you then re-arrange the appointment for a later date, you can give the slot to another customer, ensuring you don't lose out financially from the missed appointment.

2. Send promotions and offers
One way to drum up interest in your business is to send offers and promotions via bulk SMS messaging. As this type of promotional tool is permission-based, your customers would have agreed to receive messages from the company. This means that texts will only arrive in the mobile inbox of those who are interested in your business, and those who are happy to receive messages from you. Not only will this increase the number of customer responses to the promotion, but this form of promotion can work out a lot cheaper than email or direct mail. Messages will not be lost in junk folders like email, and you will save money on postage costs.

3. Send your customers hair tips
Keep your customer base informed with the latest industry news, or be creative and send some hair tips by text. Not only will your customers be happy to receive these messages, they can work as a great promotional tool, especially if you include a contact telephone number or email address at the end of the message. The text messages will increase the chances of your customers making an appointment with the salon.

4. Increase business during quiet periods
Bulk SMS marketing can allow you to increase business during times of the year when your hair salon may be less busy. For example, you could consider texting a 10% offer to customers in the New Year, or run a competition whereby your customers can enter a prize draw to receive a free hair treatment if they respond by text. Communicating with your customers is imperative in keeping your customer base informed and this can lead to an increase in business. You can even use the service to send instructions to customers that they need to follow before a specific procedure in the salon.

About the author: 
Nicola Wilson works in the customer services department for Esendex, UK based SMS marketing company. Nicola has a keen interest in small business marketing and dreams of running her own restaurant one day.


  1. wow thanks for the tips!

  2. Not just 1 but four! Amazing

  3. thanks for this tips,i been constantly forget about getting an appointment before going to a salon.

  4. This is effective and I like the idea. Aside from its cost-effective it could reach different target audiences since almost everyone uses a cellphone.

  5. Thanks for the tips! This is cheap than giving flyers but they will end up throwing it!


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