Gift Recommendations for Newly Grads

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Right after Prom season, guess what special occasions comes right after? For the students, it's definitely the exciting and thrilling Graduation Day! After all hard work they put into homework, quizzes and other school-related activities, they finally get to breathe a little come Graduation day just in time to enjoy summer. We might all have that someone close to us who'll graduate this year - whether it's our siblings, your kids or grandchildren, a friend, your cousins and nieces/nephews or even spouses (probably taking up their masters/doctorate). And personally, I think it's a great idea to present them with a little reward or gift for all their hard work and for inspiring them to do better every day. If you are busy or clueless about the perfect gift to give to your loved one, then maybe this post can help you: 

I think that it's never too late for someone to own a tablet! It's going to be super useful for new grads who will be looking for employment. They can also use it to communicate with their family, friends and loved ones anywhere anytime. The tab can help them do a lot of work without the need for a bulky PC. 

Let's admit it! Most of us are shutterbugs and we just cant get enough of photos! Anyone who receives a gift of this nice polaroid cam will scream for joy. They are available in a lot of yummy colors too :)

What time is it?It's time for you to get a new watch as a gift to your loved one. It's a classic idea but it never gets old. Plus every year, new designs are coming out to match the trend so it's always a good idea to give the gift of time.

Anyone up for a drink? Nah, that's not really a pepsi tumbler, it's a portable speaker! This fun speaker makes a novelty gift to anyone who loves a good laugh and good music.

And lastly, make sure he/she is ready for employment. A great blazer is of huge help to grads who'll be facing job interviews in the future. It does pay to look your best in those moments, right?

There are a million of things you can give to a new graduate and it really depends on the type of person you're giving your gift to so make sure to do a little research of the person's preferences first before buying a gift or check out shops online like to see potential gifts. All items included in the photos can be found at I think that it's a good site to start looking because they have a wide selection of items fit for every one. Anyway, you just have to remember that the thought counts too :)


  1. My little girl is going to graduate from Prep-School, I think its nice to give her a Instax Mini Camera as a gift of her coming graduation. ^____^

  2. Woaaah! I'd love to receive a galaxy tab! :)


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