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Friday, February 21, 2014
We're alive! We're finally alive again, working girls, because it's a Friday and tomorrow is the start of another awesome weekend! I simply can't wait to be baking again. It's my hobby ya know. I am going to start this day right by posting a new entry on this blog. Being uninspired for a couple of weeks can be tiring so it's a good thing that I got my mojo back. I'm starting this off with an overdue Beauty entry/post. :) Let's begin shall we? 
We All Play In Our Own Way™
Let your artistic imagination run wild! Crank up the color wattage. Get flirtatiously daring. With NEW Mary Kay At Play™ color, reinventing your look every day is super easy. And majorly affordable! It is the new born-to-be-fun makeup. - MaryKay
MaryKay Philippines sent me a delightful surprise - their newest line of beauty products for the fun and bubbly girl - MaryKay@Play! :) I totally adore their new colors which allows you to create a variety of makeup looks for whatever occasion. Check out the products they sent me: 

Love the packaging! :)
What products look like out of the box. 
 I enjoy looking at the products because of their packaging - it might be a little simple on the outside but the neon colors on them tell you that you're in for a lot of surprise! Indeed MK was serious when they said that @Play was a lot of fun. Below are images of their baked shimmer eyeshadows:
Baked Eye Trio
It broke when I opened the package :(

 The eye shadows were really pigmented and it gives off a nice metallic sheen. The see through plastic cover is helpful in identifying which baked trio shades to pick right away. I love that it has three (3) choices already which you can use to create one amazing look.

Jelly Lipgloss in Berry Me & Teddy Bare

 So I'm really not a fan of lipglosses because they tend to be really sticky and make look like I've just eaten lechon. Haha! These lipglosses from MK where a bit okay in a way that you can apply just a little and still get a decent amount of color on your lips. It's a bit sticky though so I guess I won't be using them very much.

Here's a sample makeup look that I did using the Baked Eye Trio in shades of Blue :)

Mary Kay At Play has a lot of other products too like the Eye and Lip Crayon. If you ladies wanna purchase or learn about these prducts, visit Mary Kay Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)

By the way, the SUGAR-RUSH February Collection is out NOW! Check out our PAGE for romantic and sweet pieces :) 


  1. i love mary kay cosmetics though it so expensive

  2. Your Eye shadow and Lip color suits you well it emphasize your beauty..

  3. i love the way you show the perfect blend of this colors that make the eyes glowingly beautiful ^^

  4. i love the way you blend this colors perfectly that makes the eyes glowingly beautiful ^^

  5. Mary Kay is the best! Worth it! :)

  6. i love it.. nice review.. want to try mary kay cosmetics

  7. looking forward to try this makeup but i havent seen this here in bulacan.

  8. wow! love it mary kay cosmetics i want to try it :)

  9. I also have the Mary Kay jelly lipgloss but i havent used it yet. But i really like to try the baked eye trio. :)


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