Pearls Can Be Girl's Bestfriend

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Variations of Pearls

Pearl jewelry is one of the most exquisite types of jewelry on the market. Not only are pearls luxurious, but they are timeless in their elegance. Pearls are used to create a variety of types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Most people conjure to mind images of white pearls when they think of pearls. True, there are plenty of pearly white pearls out there, but pearls are more versatile than many people realize and come in more styles that some people realize as well. 


Many companies offer pearl necklaces in a variety of colors. Of course, nearly every pearl companies has traditional white pearls, but you can also get pearls in cream colors, rose colors, lavender colors, gold colors, gray colors and even onyx. There are also multicolored pearls as well, so no matter what color you like, there pearls come in various colors to accommodate a wide range of tastes. 


Pearls come in various sizes as well, and the size of pearls can greatly influence the style of the pearl. For instance, a small pearl necklace that features a strand of pearls that are merely 2 mm large can portray a dainty delicate look, whereas a larger strand of pearls that features pearls that are 10 mm large can give off a bolder, more daring look. 


Round is one of the most common shapes of pearls, but they may also be oval-shaped and even teardrop-shaped. Different shapes might be more ideal for different types of jewelry. For instance, a teardrop pearl makes for a stunning teardrop necklace, whereas oval pearls make for an interesting pearl bracelet. 

Freshwater Vs. Saltwater

There are two primary types of pearls: freshwater and saltwater ones. Saltwater ones are the ones that most commonly come to mind when we think of pearls. They are usually the traditional, near-perfectly round, stereotypical white pearls. However, saltwater pearls may also come in other colors and shapes as well. Saltwater pearls are grown in saltwater and tend to be more expensive than freshwater ones because they are rarer than them. Freshwater pearls come in a wider variety of shapes, colors and sizes than saltwater pearls and are generally more available than saltwater ones as well. 

There are various types of pearls that can be used to create a wide variety of jewelry. Therefore, finding pearls in different styles is possible.

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