Pearls - The Perfect Accessory

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry need nothing extra to make them shine and glimmer. Pearls stand alone on their own as being the some of the more luxurious pieces of jewelry in a woman’s jewelry collection, and they are easy to wear with just about any dress attire. They easily match with outfits of all colors, work well accessorizing with evening wear, church clothes, prom wear, business suits, party dresses or ensemble for special occasions. 

Buying pearls over other kinds of jewelry offers many benefits. Pearls come in several sizes and an array of colors. Freshwater pearls come in colors such as white, cream, pink, gold, gray and blue. Even though they aren’t as lustrous as the pearls you find in saltwater, they are gorgeous. The sizes of the pearls range anywhere from 1mm up to 20mm, and the pearls come in symmetrical, round, baroque and irregular shapes. The larger the pearl is, the more expensive its price. You can find these some of these tahitian pearls at The Pearl Source, which is one of the companies offering this fine choice in pearl jewelry. 

When choosing a pearl necklace to buy, decide if you want to go with a double strand of smaller pearls or a single strand with larger pearls. A double strand will cost more money, but this might be more your style. If you are buying a pearl bracelet or set of earrings to go with the necklace, examine each one carefully to make sure you have a good match. Always take your necklace with you when trying to shop for separate items so that you can compare the color and quality. 

Choosing the right size necklace is important as well. Necklaces can vary in length from 16 to 36 inches. Think about what outfit you want to wear your pearl necklace with the most when selecting the size. Do you want one that hugs the base of the neck area, or longer ones that hang below the bust area? You can also choose a size in between. Think about what you want to wear the pearls with most often so that you find a length that fits now and in the future as well. 

Pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry make wonderful gifts anytime you want to share your affection. Start enjoying the luxurious beauty of pearls today.

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