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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I recently just dyed my hair again into a flaming red which I also wrote about on my previous post. I decided to do it because I feel like my previous hair color was boring, plus my roots were already showing giving my hair an ombre effect. It was okay but then not as satisfying as having new hair color. I chose red because I've always wanted something new and fierce. There are always a lot of questions to ask before dyeing your hair. A lot of salons might not be able to achieve the kind of color you prefer so it's best to be very specific about it. Better yet, print out a photo of the hair color you want and show it to the hair stylist. You can try to visit Layered Online (Alfol) to look for salons that can cater to your needs; you can also buy hair products from them!

I would have wanted to cut my hair as well to give it a new look but it's still too short to be trimmed. I'm sure a lot of you girls would be hesitant to have your hair cut into the undone bob style.. which is a little shorter and shows off your gorgeous nape. I would love to try this soon when I have more courage into cutting my hair shorter. How about you? Would you like to try this haircut?


  1. i love the color of your hair

  2. Absolutely. Thanks for the info. Now I know what materials am I going to use for my hair <3

  3. yes,i would love to try different kind of hairstyle

  4. doing different any kind of hairstyle or finding hairstyle to makes us better looking.


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