A Buyer's Guide to E-Hookah Pens

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
The popularity of hookah smoking is growing and growing. So is the popularity of electronic cigarettes. So, it is no surprise people wishing to enjoy the experience of hookah are looking into a vaping alternative. An e-hookah pen just might be the perfect solution for those who want to experience the flavored taste of hookah while, at the same time, wishing to avoid touching tobacco and inhaling smoke.
Of course, in order to procure the best results, it is necessary to buy a high quality e-hookah pen. The better the pen, then the better the taste of the vaporized hookah cartridge is going to be.

For those not aware of what hookah is, the is a form of flavored tobacco that is smoked through a unique heating device. The device is designed to heat the tobacco via hot coals. Restrictions exist on the ability to flavor cigarettes. No such restrictions exist on the ability to flavor hookah since it is not smoked in the form of a cigarette.

Yet, it is still a type of tobacco smoking and that means all the concerns associated with traditional smoking are present with hookah. Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming the preferred replacement for traditional cigarettes. Now, the e-hookah pen has arrived and with it comes the unique experience of heating hookah.

Selecting the best hookah pen can be a little difficult though. Different pens are going to be appealing to a wide number of different vaping enthusiasts. Solace can be taken from the fact that these vaping pens are, basically, identical in terms of how they work.
How do they work?

A flavored cartridge is placed inside of a compartment in the pen. An atomizer connects to the cartridge and this atomizer is what heats the contents of the cartridge into liquid water vapor. The atomizer is not powered by anything magical or high tech. A lithium ion battery is plugged into the pen and it powers the atomizer. The atomizer is engaged each and every time someone inhales on the accompanying silicone tip. The other end of the vaping pen contains a LED light that turns on and glows red when someone inhales on the pen. Yes, this allows it to mimic a classic cigarette even though no smoke whatsoever is produced via the hookah pen.

The best kind of hookah pen is going to be one that can perform all these varied steps in the vaping process and do so without any failures. Scores of different pens have been released to the market to capitalize on the new hookah craze. Unfortunately, a number of those pens are quite lacking in quality and this means they really do no offer a good vaping experience. The best way to avoid wasting money on these pens is to do a little consumer research. Reading online customer reviews would be a good start. Honest and well written consumer reviews can give you good insight into which pens are top of the line and which ones are best avoided. Message boards and forums can also be an excellent resource for learning about the pens available on the market. Granted, message boards and forums are rather informal so they might not be the best venues for serious research. Yet, they definitely can give you an idea as to what serious customers are thinking about hookah pens.

As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, go with the hookah pens that have been on the market for quite some time. With so many competitors to deal with, any pen that has survived and thrived in the consumer marketplace for a number of years likely has something very good to offer.

A pen that comes with a host of flavoring options is one you might consider to be the top choice. The more flavors you can try, the more enjoyment potential you might get out of the vaping experience. Truly excellent hookah pens offer cartridges with such flavors as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, grape, and more.

Finding the best hookah pen is definitely worth the effort. Buying one of these pens is an investment and you definitely do want to be sure you make the most perfect investment possible. This way, the one pen you buy is the one you use for a long time to come.

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