An Optimal Life

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Most people who experience poor health don’t know what they’re missing out on. Depending upon the condition of one’s body and certain allergies or sensitivities to foods, the brain can feel foggy, the body can feel sluggish and general malaise can prevent the body from experiencing overall well-being. The majority of people walk around like this every day unaware that their bodies are capable of running much more efficiently with a change of diet and adding helpful supplements to the body. They think that they’re tired and need caffeine. However, the solution for most is implementing a better diet so that their bodies will run more efficiently. 

Another symptom of poor health is having a poor immune system. When the body is tired, the immune system suffers. The immune system requires energy to do its job properly. The immune system is always on guard to ward off potential problems—whether in the form of actual problems, such as viruses, but so too with anything the body perceives as a threat, including allergens. If the body is already tired, the immune system does not work as well and because it doesn’t work as well, the body can experience more malaise. Until the problem is corrected, the body will experience a pattern of fatigue and disease.

The best solution is to feed the body with what it needs. Depending upon certain allergies and inabilities to digest particular foods, different people can feel good eating different foods. For instance, a person that is lactose intolerant may feel better without eating foods that contain dairy. Some people have trouble with gluten. There are supplements that can help improve one’s immune system and assist with increasing energy to experience better health. However, some of these dietary supplements can contain gluten and other substances which may not significantly improve conditions for those who have allergies to these substances. There are some supplements, such as Apex Energetics ClearVite, that can help to strengthen the immune system without experiencing discomfort associated with the symptoms caused by gluten sensitivity. 

The benefits of improving health are numerous, but what it translates to is efficiency in living. For instance, people who have optimal health are active, burn a greater amount of calories, experience less problems in arthritis, have beautiful skin, get sick less often, have less stress, get work done faster and easier and have more time for friends and family. Optimal health means optimal living.


  1. I remember being really weak when I was little. Had bad asthma. But thankfully when I took up tennis in high school it slowly when away :)

  2. Indeed. Very well said. More people are getting more conscious about their health nowadays which is a good thing.


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