AWESOME NEWS: Boy Finding a Diamond in a Lollipop Wrapper

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Have you experienced a day in your life where you've been the luckiest person on earth? Well, at some point you guys might have. It might be simple like never having to wait in line to pay your bills, winning the special prize at a giveaway or you can be a lucky person by unwrapping a lollipop. How could you be so lucky by unwrapping a lollipop? Well, you could find an uncut diamond instead of the usual candy. Unbelievable? Why don't you watch this video of 16-year old Antonio Lorenzo from Argentina, who became the luckiest person on earth that day! Click Read More to watch the video!

I was amazed when I saw this video for the first time because WOW! That boy indeed has all the luck in the world! Imagine the millions of dollars he can get from the uncut diamond! I wish I was as lucky as he was!! I think I need to buy lots of lollipops to see if there is a treat inside. Haha! Do you think that the boy's story was real? Let me know in the comments lovelies!


  1. Haven't heard this story yet. How interesting!


  2. Wow lucky them.Makabili nga ako ng Chupa chups lollipops.:)

  3. wow so lucky!:D and the chupa chups sales went roar!:D


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