Bored of Old School Boardshorts? These Styles Are Switching It Up for 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Perhaps no other item of clothing is more necessary and more useful than the classic boardshorts are. You certainly can't make it through summer without them, or any other time of the year, really. When was the last week in your memory where you didn't throw on a pair of boardshorts? Exactly. With all the use boardshorts get, it's understandable if you're getting a little tired of them. It's no fun to recycle the same styles, cuts and fabrics year after year, season after season. So if you want to inject a little variety into your routine and find some boardshorts that change things up, read on for a couple of great styles that will give you plenty of new wardrobe combinations.

Go Slim, Trim and Vintage
Vintage cuts have been making their way back into the boardshorts game for a while now and in 2014 they'll be coming on strong. Look for short outseams and narrowness through the waist. The key to this style is a slimmed down and simple look with a heritage, beachy feel. Look for washed out colouring and examples of colour blocking as these colours match this style well and will be big in 2014.

Buy Canvas Material When Possible
If you're looking to mix up the textures and materials in your wardrobe, start buying canvas boardshorts. Canvas is a material that is naturally anti-chafe. These shorts are very on trend for 2014, playing well into the trend of a vintage inspired feel. Many brands are also offering canvas boardshorts in more traditional cuts and colours as well. Also make sure you buy shorts with a water resistant spray so they'll dry quick.

Get on the Hybrid Boardshorts Trend
Hybrid boardshorts are the category of boardshorts that are currently experiencing the most growth. A hybrid model combines the flexibility and comfort of regular boardshorts with the elements of normal walking shorts. That makes these shorts great for surfing or strolling around in. If you find a pair with the right amount of stretch they can work for you no matter what your plans are for the day.

Allow Yourself to Try a Shorter Outseam
While the standard outseam for boardshorts, typically 21 inches, is still available and popular, for 2014 many established brands are taking their outseams up a bit, and the 20 inch and 18 inch outseams are now becoming popular. If the 18 inch outseam seems a bit too short for you, maybe try just buying one pair at that length and working them into your routine; you might find that you like them after a while!

Boardshorts are a way of life. Find a good pair and they can stick with you forever. Find a bad pair and you'll be paying for it with a very uncomfortable day. Don't get stuck in a rut with your boardshorts! Take advantage of all the innovations in 2014 and try a new style. You may just be surprised at what you find yourself enjoying!

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