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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Whiter and Fairer Skin!
Whitening has always been one of the goals of most Filipinas today. Perhaps it is because of the influence that we get from other Asian Countries and/or our daily exposure to television programs starring women with flawlessly white skin and we see that it really looks good. Whether it is for that reason or what-have-you, I think that there is definitely nothing wrong with aspiring for youthful, vibrant and healthy white skin. In fact, I for one, would love to achieve that as well. For me, having whiter skin can boost my self esteem because everything I wear would look a lot better. That is just my opinion though and I am not, in any way, demoting those women with morena skin. To each his own. :) 

In my search for the best whitening product in the market, I came upon one that stood out from the rest. Was it the packaging? Maybe.Was it the price? Considerable. However, with my constant use of the product, I founfd myself recommending it to the women in my family as well as circle of friends! When it comes to my skin care, I would definitely recommend Kojie.san, Orginal Kojic Acid Soap!

You might ask why I love using this soap. Let me walk you through it briefly. Before the prevalence of kojic acid soaps in the country, I would use other whitening products with ingredients that I am not sure of potency.  Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine Market and it made me curious and made me want to try it out for myself, having read on the internet about the whitening benefits of kojic acid. Also, the packaging shows a logo of a Japanese Woman which reminded me of their white skin. 

Upon usage of the soap, you will definitely feel it's effects right after becaiuse of its micro peeling effect, which makes it a really potent product for whitening! I am a very meticulous person when it comes to the ingredients that goes into whatever I use (most especially for the skin!) so I read labels. I have learned that it does not contain any harmful chemicals instead it contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients! I was really impressed upon learning this because antioxidants play a huge role in flushing out toxins. 

So you see, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to our skin, we must take utmost care in selecting products for use. We must make sure that we are only using the best and the quality products to care for our skin as well as getting the maximum results and value for our hard-earned money. As for me, I would definitely choose the bar that set the bar - Kojie.san! :)


  1. I also love kojie-san.. I recommended it to my sister :)

  2. I am also using this one. I've been trying many whitening soaps already and so far I feel satisfied with Kojie-san. But what I hate about this soap is, it easily melts. So you really need to dry it up after use.


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