Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HAPPY LASS. I feel more alive today than I have ever been in weeks! I say this because the hardest part in my work-related project is over which means I can finally let loose after weeks of pressure and stress. However, I can truly say though that I work efficiently under pressure and when I am pressed with time. With more time on my hands (hopefully!), I can post process some photos for my blog and maybe do a couple a looks within the weekend to keep the blog rolling. I do admit though that lately I only have time to shoot my looks every weekends since those days are my sister slash photographer's free days. Nevertheless, I swore to myself to dress up well in those days when I am not posing for the camera. Fashion blogger creed.
White Blazer from ROMWE; Midi Skirt from SUGAR-RUSH; Gladiator Sandals from TONIC; Bag from YESWALKER 
Wow. I've been blaberring on and on. Guess I'm inspired yet again. Anyway, I am incredibly happy to be able to share with you this super simple yet chich outfit I wore last weekend. I wanted my look to be clean so I opted to go for white on top plus a splash of color on my midi skirt! It is actually another chance for me to flaunt a new pair of gladiator sandals that I bought from Tonic Bags and Shoes. I am totally a fan of their designs. I also have this pair of glads in black - hopefully I'll be able to show it to you soon. I think having around 2-3 colors in your outfit is good. In my case, I wanted to keep it simple, so white and red did the trick. 

Here I am with my favorite little cousin, Zayree :) Maybe she'll grow up to be a fashion blogger like me too. She loves the camera! Hahaha :) Have a great day lovelies!

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