Have a #JollyBreak, Have a Mix-in with Kitkat!

Friday, March 21, 2014
SOMETHING RELATE-ABLE: For those who are working, we all get stressed out over our very hectic schedules, upcoming project deadlines, numerous reports to be made, meetings and what-nots. The same goes for students who are cramming for their exams, homework or even deadlines as well. This maybe because we are so focused on reaching our dreams and making them come true at an early age. However, at one point in our busy life, we looked forward to those short but rewarding break times to take a breather. Of course, there are a lot of ways to maximize that break time - whether we go out and breathe fresh air, walk for five minutes, update our social media sites or even have merienda with office mates. 

And speaking of merienda, why not make Kitkat Mix-ins part of it? After all it is the latest delightful dessert from the country's leading fast-food chain - Jollibee! This refreshing dessert is a combination of Jollibee's creamy vanilla soft-serve and a splash of our favorite Kitkat crunchy goodness which will definitely make you look forward to snack time! 

We learned all about Jollibee's new offering to its patrons by attending the Zamboanga launch of the Kitkat Mixins at the Camins Branch last March 18, 2014. It was fun-filled afternoon as DJ Santos, Marketing Officer of Jollibee, presented to us their newest dessert available in Jollibee stores nationwide for the affordable price of PHP38! 

Mr. DJ Santos talking about the new Kitkat Mix-ins
During the launch, we were able to watch the commercial of the product and taste for ourselves the delicious Mix-ins made with Kitkat! Indeed, I really loved the crunchy Kitkat bits in it and the added flavor it gives to the vanilla soft serve. For those who are lovers of Kitkat, you will definitely find this delicious and a new way to enjoy your Kitkat. Who doesn't love ice cream anyway? I certainly do!

Blogger Cee enjoying her Kitkat Mix-ins
And like giddy little kids, we got super excited over DJ's introduction of a special guest. Yes, we all had this strong intuition about who the guest was. How can Jollibee be not there to entertain us? We had a lot of fun watching his dance moves as well as taking photos with him. Yep, we were like little kids indeed. Nostalgic. 

#Oscar Selfie!
And yes, we had the Jollibee version of the #OscarsSelfie! Ain't that neat? It was really great to see some of the Zamboanga Bloggers there - Cee, Prei and Jemm. Hopefully, the ZBloggers will be able to meet soon and be active in these kinds of gathering. The last part was dedicated to Jollibee's Champ and famous fries. 

That's about it folks! Don't forget to make your #JollyBreaks exciting with the new Kitkat Mix-ins! <3


  1. I love kit-katso I will surely love this mix-ins too ♥

  2. Wah! This is my favorite! The mix-ins. But i love the kisses version than the kitkat but its still good.


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