March Into The Light

Monday, March 10, 2014

Yellow month of March! Sorry, that was supposed to be hello. Haha! I just wanna change things up a bit. I must say I have been extremely busy these days that I don't even have the time to update or write lengthy entries. However, I have a little bit of time on my hands (amid a very busy day with the bosses) that I can finally, at least,  post an outfit entry.

Bag from HUED BAGS; Lace Skirt from SUGAR-RUSH; Shoes from GIRLS HAVEN 
I wore this particular ensemble to my VezTV Shooting last weekend. I went with the monotonous colors, black and white, entirely because of the bag that the super sweet Boyfie gifted me. He actually gave me the chance the choose a design that I want for myself which is a good thing because I was totally crushing on two bags I saw at Hued Bags FB Page! <3 And so with a little help from the owner of the shop, I got the Frankie and Zoee which are neutral colored bags to match any outfit I might wear throughout the week. Lastly, I love how super spacious these bags are! I can put in everything I need which is awesome! :)

Noticed my black skirt? It's actually a lace skirt which I got from Sugar-Rush. It went very well with my white coat and printed top which is a thrift shop find :) Interesting mix right? I do hope I will be able to post more outfit entries this year :( Have a great week ahead lovelies! 

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