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Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Days are passing by like a blur. The next thing you know it’s already December again. I try so much to live day by day and to savor each moment fully because it’s time we never get back. Anyway, enough of the senti moments. I’d like to share more of the happy ones – speaking of which, I already joined the bandwagon of posting 100 photos of my 100 Happy Days on Instagram. I think it’s a really fun way of knowing yourself more, aside from inspiring others to be happy. It’s just one way of self-discovery. At the end of the challenge, you might find yourself amazed to see that even the simplest things can make you happy therefore you allow and find ways to surround yourself with those that make you happy. I’m very excited to finish the challenge and learn more about myself. If you guys wanna try it too, you can visit to know more about the mechanics.

 Right now, I’d like to show you some new products from one of my local favorite beauty brands – Flawless Beauty. Miss Lei sent me a huge package just in time for my birthday - it was actually a gift – and I was super happy upon having received it! I already reviewed some of the products in the package and you can read the review HERE. Also, I would like to share with you a great way of starting a beauty routine to have white, smooth and blemish-free skin:

Start off by washing your face with FB’s Alpha-Arbutin Whitening Face Soap which smells so heavenly with hints of vanilla or use the Strawberry Glutha Soap, a delightful combination of strawberry cream and milk! For your body, before using the soaps, you may opt to apply the Alpha-Arbutin Whitening Body Scrub (twice a week) to scrape off dead skin cells and to leave your skin soft and smooth!

Right after bathing, you canapply the vanilla-infused Alpha-Arbutin Lotion all over your body. It dries right away and leaves your skin super scented which is what I love about it. It stays and lingers on your skin until the end of the day!

For the face, you can apply the Arbutin Toner with Rose Hip Oil to further whiten your skin and to remove scars if you have any. Next, top it off with the Arbutin Perfecting Face Cream with SPF30 – it has a mild vanilla scent too and is not too sticky or heavy on the face. 

You can repeat the process in the evening for maximum results (and to smell super good too!). I’ve been using the products ever since they were sent to me and believe me you’ll grow to love it like I did. Wanna start your own routine? Get these products only at Flawless Beauty! <3

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