The Sock Situation

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Here’s the situation: you wear them every day but they often receive the least amount of attention when putting together an outfit. This needs to change. If you open your sock drawer to find it full of hole-y, tattered white socks, then grab a trash can and start tossing. It’s time to reinvent your sock collection and breathe a little life back into this underappreciated fashion opportunity. Because that’s precisely what it is: an opportunity to round out your outfit with a little flair, add a rebellious edge to an otherwise everyday look, and to have some fun with your footwear. Don’t be the guy who flashes his pale, hairy ankles to the world in an otherwise flawless outfit. If you dress to impress, then upping your sock game is an absolute must. Before you make moves to remodel your sock drawer, consider these guidelines.
Have a Variety of Sock-tions
That stands for sock options—feel free to use that—of which you should have many. Sure, you like the color blue, but don’t let your sock drawer become fifty shades of blue. Go for red, pink, lime green, gold—whatever floats your boat, just have a broad palette. Same goes for patterns. Get some argyle, stripes, camo, polka dot, and color blocks in there. Having a variety of sock-tions will keep things fresh and allow greater freedom when choosing a pair that perfectly complements your outfit. It’s probably best to avoid novelty socks, like superheroes and cartoon characters. Those might come off as a little childish. Unless you’re going to comic-con, in which case, the universe is your oyster.

Please match your socks. Wearing mismatched socks will not be a witty statement. People will think there’s something wrong with you, or that you were half-awake when you got dressed. Toss out any socks that have holes. You may think that no one is going to notice. Next thing you know, you have to take off your shoes at airport security and suddenly your big toe is peeking out for the world to see.

Don’t Match
Then again, rules are made to be broken. Don’t match patterns. If you’re wearing a bold pattern in your shirt or sweater, try going with a solid-colored sock. Matching a striped tie or shirt with striped socks might be a bit too stripey. Same with argyle and polka dots and really any pattern. It’s no problem if you want to wear a bright colored sock with a bold pattern—that’s encouraged—but keep the patterns under control. Also, you don’t need to match your socks to your pants. Some conservative-types will suggest that you should match a gray suit with gray socks, and so forth. But that just sounds so drab. This is an opportunity to introduce a little personality to your suit. Wear fancy or colorful socks if your personality is a little fancy or colorful.

Make Sure Your Socks Are Long Enough…Or Short Enough.
If you’re wearing shorts, it’s probably not the time to rock crazy sock patterns that go halfway up your calf. Save those high socks for another day. Keep them low, under the level of your sneakers ideally, with ankle or no-show socks. And if you do wear long socks, make sure they are long enough to keep your skin covered. The last thing you want to do is cross your leg and have that unsightly line of pale skin peeping out over the top of your socks. Keep those socks going all the way up into your pants so that they can be appreciated.

And there you have it. Go out, be bold, have fun, and get some crazy socks

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