Wedding Dress Trends for 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Every bride wants a wedding dress to remember. The dress color and style often depends on the culture and religion of the wedding participants. In western cultures, most brides wear white gowns in the Victorian tradition. Eastern brides often choose red dresses to symbolize favor and prosperity. 

Until the 1960s, wedding dresses reflected the fashion trends of the day. In recent decades, many were based on traditional Victorian styles. “Wedding white” now includes ecru, eggshell and ivory shades. It is a misconception that white represents virginity; blue is the color most connected to purity and faithfulness. 

On today’s market, many wedding gowns are strapless, sleeveless dresses that are simple and elegant. Brides often choose them because they are easier to alter and fit. They are also easier to create than elaborate, sleeved dresses. However, sleeved gowns with straps are becoming more popular again.

Trends change all the time, and styles that were “in” yesterday can go out of style today and come back tomorrow. Formal wear companies are witnessing two such trends this year: tea length dresses and the bateau neckline. The styles are feminine and flattering to most women.

Tea Length Dresses
Tea length dresses is one of the 2014 wedding dress trends. According to Emily Post, the famous etiquette queen, the first tea length dresses were “a hybrid between a wrapper and a ball dress.” The traditional length fell to a few inches above the ankle, but tea length dresses became shorter over time. Today, the length falls somewhere between the bottom of the knee to the bottom of the calf.

Tea length dresses find favor with women of all shapes and sizes. They are considered the epitome of charm. They capture the love and cheer that is present at weddings, and they are especially popular for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Bateau Neckline
The bateau neckline, also called a boat neck, is another new trend. It is sometimes called the Sabrina neckline after a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 film Sabrina. Because it runs horizontally across the collarbone, the bateau neckline enhances the shoulders. It is a very elegant look. 

A boat neck dress can look flattering on women with a large bust line, but it is most sought by women with a small or average bust. Some brides choose a bateau neckline for its elegant, modest appearance. However, brides who choose this style generally like it for its classy and classic look. 

Pastel Pink Colors
Champagne and light pink are the color trends for 2014. Although white is still the most popular color choice for modern brides, many formal wear stores are selling dresses in softer, pastel colors. 

White can be harder to wear than blush colors like pastel pink and champagne, which flatter all skin tones and hair colors. These colors also have elegance and sweetness that are feminine and pretty. With the variety of choices available today, brides can find stunning creations that will make their wedding day one to remember.


  1. Nah! Most of the brides of this generation open up their selves with new colors other than white for their wedding gowns. But it should be light ones. But white are still best because it signifies purity and such! :)

  2. I don't really follow trends. I always go with what is comfortable and budget friendly. :)

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