Why Savvy Shoppers Stick With Designer Fragrances

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When a person wears a high-quality designer perfume for an extended amount of time, it becomes their signature scent. Perfumes smell different on everyone; it really depends on how your body chemistry reacts with the scent. Since perfumes can be hit-or-miss, it's important to stick with fragrances that you know will smell good on you.

Typically, name brand perfumes are made with better ingredients than knockoff brands, but most people choose to wear them for the following reasons:

A Unique Scent
High-quality fragrances don't smell like cheaper perfumes; it's easy to spot someone who wears a cheap knockoff brand. Designer brands are known for their unique mixture of subtle fragrances; it's almost impossible to get complex and pleasing scents like this from cheaper brands.

When you wear a quality perfume, you enhance your natural beauty; it really helps you make a lasting impression on the people you meet. People who buy one good bottle of perfume do better than people who buy a couple of bottles of various cheaper brands.

Long Lasting
It takes companies years to develop scents before they hit the market. During the development stage, the manufacturers need to make sure that the perfume will live up to their standards. One of the first things that companies test is the amount of time that the scent lasts. Perfumes from quality retailers like FragranceVilla.com will always last longer than bargain brands, so you don't have to apply so much of them during the day.

When you apply less perfume, a single bottle will last you a long time. After you spray a couple of drops on your pulse points, you don't have to worry about your fragrance for the rest of the day. If you tried this with a bargain brand, you'd notice that the scent went away after about two hours.

Save Money
Buying designer perfume can save you money in the long-run. It costs you more initially, but the quality ingredients that it contains increases its shelf life. When you buy a discount perfume, you can't leave it out for very long; if you do, it starts to lose potency. Most people end up throwing out bottles of discount perfume when it loses its smell. This never happens with a quality brand; you never have to buy another bottle because the smell starts to get weak.

When it comes to perfume, higher quality scents make for a better experience. If you spend a couple of extra dollars, you get an exceptional scent that doesn't wear off quickly. Once you go designer, you'll never go back to a bargain brand again.


  1. I agree! kahit kasi di ganun kagwapo o kaganda ang isang tao basta malinis at mabango nakakadagdag ng ganda at pogi points yun e. Yung tipong napadaan ka lang lahat na sila magcocompliment sa perfume mo. Iba kasi talaga pag branded :D

  2. I do have several expensive perfume ,they last long than imitation perfumes and sometimes having and wearing expensive perfumes can make you feel more pretty and confident.

  3. Thanks for sharing! San makakabili nung sexy body na cologne?

  4. Buying designer perfume is really expensive and hard to maintain. If you really want to have a signature scent, you should buy those which are affordable for you.

  5. nice share. mas maganda talaga quality pag designer perfumes.I just wear colognes everyday and designer perfumes for special occassions

  6. I strongly agree!! Since I'm a cheapskate I just wear colonge for everyday use & I only wear designer perfumes for special occasions. Lol


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