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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello dearies! For today, I'd like to share to you some tips to keep in mind when buying or shopping for gowns/dresses for special occasions. I'm sure that most of you would go for what you really want - maybe it's the style, the color or the cut perhaps? If you want to buy and choose something that won't cause any regrets, then read on!

Think of your Budget
Yes, you are very much excited to buy that dream dress for the prom or for a birthday party, but maybe you should think first of how much you can spend. It's either you end up loving the dress or getting disappointed later on, or worst, spending more than the budget you set! So it's really important to set up a budget that you're comfortable with. 

Shop early
If you got an invitation way ahead of time, it's better if you could scour boutiques, dress shops or even online shops like Zalora that offer the same thing. Give yourself more time to choose, in that way you won't end up feeling pressured and ultimately end up choosing a dress you may regret buying. Have an elegant evening of iHomecoming with

Deal with Dress Codes
Before you think of even buying that gorgeous backless dress, know the dress code of this event you're going to attend? Where is the venue? Is this dress going to fit an event held in the beach? Or is the event happening in the daytime? Find out if the event has guidelines on what to wear or better yet try some Ihomecoming beautiful elegant evening dresses.

Be Clear on the Dress Style
It would be better if you know what style you'd like your dress to have whether classic, modern, glam. It can save you much time if you have a clear vision of what you want. You can be beautiful from Ihomecoming or anytime!

Choosing or buying the perfect dress ain't easy but there are lots of ways you can do to make it fun and enjoyable. Happy dress hunting!

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