How Can You Say NOPE?

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Monday and I'm back to blogging again! <3 The weekend was a whirlwind of activities and I'm psyched! I just took an exam yesterday for grad school and I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) hoping to pass it. I can still enroll for grad school though even if I flunk the exam but I'll have to take it again if I wanna go beyond 24 units for MPA. :) So here's to hoping I'd make it so I won't have to go over the entire process again! 

Okay. Enough of weekend activities. I am too happy to find out that the paint job on my room is almost done. You see, my dad's the only one working on it on Sundays (cause a man has got to work, ya know!) so it takes forever to be done. But I'm going to be a patient little lady and spend my time googling room makeovers (check out View Along the Way) and furniture instead of complain and whine. Ayt? To show you what I mean about the paint job, I persuaded my little sister (who celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday) to take  my outfit shots against the white wall :) Hahaha!

What I'm wearing is a statement shirt from one of the newest online shops I've come across - The Tee Shop Cebu. Based on the shop's name, we can conclude that they offer stylish statement tees for men and women and that they're based in Cebu but all is well because they offer nationwide shipping. Score! They offer other stylish designs that scream "Fresh" and #swaggy. You can choose different shirt colors depending on your preference too. So if you'd like to shop for tees, why don't you follow them on Instagram and Facebook? :) 

I definitely love this shirt that I got from them because it has floral details on it plus the word "Nope" a slang for "No" is eye-catching. I've always told myself before to learn how to say "No" to people especially when what they're asking for is over the top or simply too much. ANyways, I decided to go on a pink/black ensemble because I want to inject a feminine vibe to the whole look. Even in my choices, I try to make everything more feminine because that defines me. By the way, say hello to my awesome sneakers from World Balance! See? Even my sneakers have floral prints on them! Can I just say that destiny brought us together? They're the comfiest and stylish sneaks ever =) PS. Sorry for my tousled hair. I was going for the free-spirited look! LOL.

Nope Tee from THE TEE SHOP CEBU; Skirt from SUGAR-RUSH; Sneakers from WORLD BALANCE


  1. Refreshing look! :) I love how the shirt says "NOPE" :) and the skirt! btw, nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award :)

  2. owww, I love the look! <3
    I want this shirt :D


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