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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Smelling good is always imperative for most people. Not only are looks considered in first impressions but also a person's scent. Personally, I always carry around in my purse a small bottle of my favorite scent. I'm sure a lot of us cannot stand people who smell bad right? So it also follows that we cannot stand smelling bad ourselves! Speaking of scents, I recently checked out an online shop that offers your favorite signature scents at a fraction of a cost. I'm talking about Sophia Love.

Sophia Love is a perfume company that offers various products such as personal and home fragrances as well as skin care products. They offer scents in different bottle sizes depending on your budget and preferences. You can also have your perfumes customized as gifts for different occasions such as weddings and birthdays as well as corporate events.

To personally test out their products, they sent me two (2) Eau de Parfum that the owner, Miss Roma, picked out for me. She also included their Rose Hip Bar and Rose Hip Oil in the package. The small bottles were personalized with my name on the label. 

In my experience with fragrances, I tend to go for scents with floral notes which are cool to the senses. I dislike scents that are too overpowering and warm. With the scents that I got from Sophia Love, I just couldn't help myself using them and taking a liking; here are the reasons why: 

What To Love: 

  • All scents are wrapped with bubble wrap to prevent breakage and leaks. 
  • The first one is inspired by Gap Heaven (the green one). The scent is a bit warm for me but not too overpowering which is a plus. The second one is Sophia Love's signature scent called Love. It is very cool and relaxing to the senses. I find myself using it more because it has floral notes.
  • Both scents are really long-lasting! I am amazed to note that ever since I started using them. I didn't have to spritz them repeatedly throughout the day because it does last long which is one quality you should always look for in an EDP. 
  • Another great thing is that their scents are very affordable. 
  • They are also packaged in 30, 50 and 100ml bottles which gives you options especially if you're trying out a scent for the first time. 
  • Products can be customized according to your preference. Mine says "Kai" on the label :) I would love it though if they included the scent from which it is inspired from. 
  • As for the Rose Hip Bar Soap, I personally loved using it because of its very subtle/mild rose fragrance and pink color. It lathers really well and does not melt easily allowing you to use it longer than the average soaps. I also noticed that some of my pimple marks faded or were gone! Coupled with the usage of the Rose Hip Oil, scars were minimized. 

Now, before I end this review, I'd love for you guys to learn more out of my posts so I'm going to share a few tips on Perfume Application:
  • Apply perfume at pulse points, such as behind the ears, the nape of the neck, and the insides of wrists, elbows and knees, so that the pulse point will warm the perfume and release fragrance continuously.
  • Practice layering fragrance so that it is released in different intensities depending upon the time of the day. Lightly scented products such as bath oil, shower gel, and body lotion are recommended for the morning; eau de toilette is suggested for the afternoon; and perfume applied to the pulse points for evening.
  • Make sure your skin is hydrated or moisturized to hold the fragrance longer on your skin. 
If you are interested in what you just read, you can visit Sophia Love on Facebook and Instagram. Or you can email them at 

DISCLAIMER: All products are provided by Sophia Love for review purposes. Opinions expressed in the article are purely my own and is in no way affected by the provision of products for review. Thank you!

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