My #WonderfulMindaNOW Adventure in Asia's Latin City

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello my dearest readers! I am totally back to blogging mode! :) I hope you guys missed me. HAHA! Did you? Did you? Oh well. I am just so glad to be blogging again. You see, the main reason why I wasn't posting on this blog is because I was going around my beloved City of Zamboanga and capture the sights and spots that make our City unique and an awesome place to live in. 

With the help of Globe's awesome promo GoUnli20Plus (exclusive to Mindanao subscribers), I am able to share my adventures via my social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and most of all on Instagram. And take note, I am able to share those great photos in real-time! How awesome is that? GoUnli20Plus offers us UNLI Calls to Globe and TM, 50 All-Net texts, and all-day surfing up to 20MB for as low as P20/day. All we have to do is to register by texting Go20Plus to 2665! It's that easy :) 

Now that my 10-day adventure is done, I'd like to chronicle them all here on my blog, where else right? Hehe. I totally enjoyed visiting the palces that make Zamboanga one of a kind and one of the best Tourist Spots in the Philippines. The culture and dialect can be enough to lure you in but so are these places that I've visited for the past ten days. Are you ready? Let's count down my top 10 #WonderfulMindaNOW spots! (All photos can be found on my personal IG account: @kaigrafia )

[1] Zamboanga Native Products (Plaza del Pilar)

If you are new to Zamboanga or you've been to and from already, it's high time for you to drop by this store at Plaza del Pilar to purchase unique pasalubong for you friends and family. They offer a variety of products such as decors, fabrics, handcrafted organizers, lamps, accessories and much more! They are open well into the evening too :)

[2] ThirsTea Cafe (Climaco Avenue, Brgy Zone III)

It's a really good thing that new businesses and establishments are opening in the City. And I am so glad that this cafe opened because I love drinking milktea with pearls! This cafe also offers pasta and sandwhiches for those who want to stuff their tummies. And the best part? Free WIFI!

[3] Parque de Sta. Maria - Brgy. Sta Maria

Our Mayor Beng Climaco spearheaded the groundbreaking of this P6 million park in her birth place Sta. Maria, dubbed as “Parque de Sta. Maria” which is intended to be a “parque de los ancianos y los niƱos”. The kids and the elderly people can definitely pass time here, have fun and be relaxed. 

[4] Tree House (Pasonanca Park, Brgy Pasonanca)

Another cool spot that tourists should not miss is Pasonanca Tree House which was originally constructed to be the Youth Citizenship Training Center in April 1960. For a minimum fee you can rent this tree house overnight! It has complete amenities like a standard hotel room :)

[5] Pasonanca Pools (Pasonanca Park, Brgy Pasonanca)

Would you love to take a dip during this hot weather? Visit the pools at Pasonanca Park! It boasts of an olympic size pool, flowing pool and a children's pool with water slides. The water in the pool is not stagnant because it is constantly replenished by a surge of water naturally drained into the pool by gravity!

[6] Parque de Cencia de Zamboanga (Science Park, Paseo de Jardin, Brgy Pasonanca)

This innovative and interactive park boasts fifty-six (56) interactive exhibits showcased in an approximately 670 square meters which brings excitement and science learning to Zamboangueno students, teachers and families! Parque de Ciencia de Zamboanga is considered the biggest regional science center in the country.

[7] Tacojuana (545 Sta. Maria Main Road, Zamboanga City)

Are you a fan of Mexican food? Then you definitely have to visit this cozy place! Tacojuana is the first and only Mexican Cuisine Resto in the City. They offer delicious dishes such as Chimichangas, Chicken Quesadilla and Steak Burrito.


[8] Butterfly GArden (Paseo de Jardin, Brgy Pasonanca)

The Butterfly Garden consists of different butterfly species that fly around and perch inside the huge botanical garden. Entrance fee is very affordable (PHP5 per person). You will have fun watching and taking snaps of the colorful butterflies.

[9] Lantaka Hotel by the Sea (NS Valderoza St.. ZC)

Lantaka is perhaps one of the oldest hotels in the City however the location of the hotel is perfect. It is walking distance to the city hall, to banks, and the main downtown area. Likewise, it is an arm’s reach away from Fort Pilar and Shrine, Paseo del Mar and Plaza del Pilar. It also offers facilities like an al fresco restaurant which offer a smorgasboard lunch at Php 250 and a large swimming pool. Plus the view is totally magnificent!

[10] I<3Milktea (San Jose Rd., ZC)

Yep, this is another establisment that offers milktea but what really caught my attention was the cute and dainty interior of this place! I just love the colors and the decor that adorns the inside. You can also choose from a lot of different flavored drinks and toppings. This place is worth your while :)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! I've shown you my Top 10 #WonderfulMindaNOW spots in Asia's Latin City! Believe me, those are just ten of so many cool spots in my City. If you ever you guys are in Zamboanga or if you've discovered more cool spots around, don't forget to share it on your social media sites just like what I did so that people from all over the world will get to see and know that there gems waiting to be discovered here. :) And don't forget to share using Globe's GoUnli20Plus too :))

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