Today I'm Not Blue (SAD)

Friday, June 06, 2014

Hello lovelies! I've come up with a new fashion post again! I'm just so happy today because a lot of things have been going great lately. Remember when I decided to head into graduate school this June? Well, I am officially enrolled into the course and just waiting for school to start. They'll be mostly night classes though, three times a week to give away to my day job. Also, another awesome news came when my good friend Yuri called me over the phone saying that we both passed the GSAT! :)) It's an admission exam if you ever decide to go beyond the required units for a Certificate. :) Thank you for your warm congratulations! ^-^ HAHAHAHA :D

Another thing that has been making me happy lately is the arrival of my online orders. Nothing beats receiving packages at any time of the day! I know, you might think my happiness is "mababaw" but hey to each his own right? I won a blogging contest sometime last month for Kojie.san and so yesterday I received the prize (which is a whole set of Kojie.san products!) plus my orders from Zalora finally arrived too! Hurray for shoes!!!

Sheer Top from ROMWE; Spring Fling Sandals from ZALORA
Another thing that I am very excited about is my addition to an online show/project that my friends have been working on. I can't tell you much yet but it'll be something fun and exciting :) Before I end this post, let me talk a little bit about my outfit. You know how I love pairing white pieces with bright colors right? So this sheer top from Romwe definitely allowed me to do just that. It's a very simple outfit which anyone can pull off :)) You might see me wearing more subtle pieces such as laces and sheer clothes. I am totally attracted to those! I don't know but maybe that's just the girly-girl in me. Now, tell me, how is everything going for you? Comment away and share the #goodvibes! :)) 

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