Will Be Out For An Adventure!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am so sure that I'm going to have a wonderful week guys. You wanna know why? Well, because I plan to go around and visit some of the awesome places here in my very own city of Zamboanga. It's been a while since I've been out and about but I guess that today is the best time to start my local pasyal! Click Read More to know what I'm up to =)

You know what? Being born and growing up in this city has made me appreciate it more and more - that is why I'd like other people to enjoy and see what I've been enjoying in this city all these years. Isn't this a great way to know other places? I guess I'll be posting a lot more on my Instagram account: @kaigrafia where you guys can follow my adventures. It's a lot easier and I can update you guys in real time :) Wooh, I'm so glad I found a way around posting photos regularly on my IG. My phone got into some kind of problem with the app but all is well now. So hurray for that! :)

Anyway, maybe I'll drop by places where you guys can visit and pass time when in the city... or maybe great places to eat. Ahh, I'm so excited to begin this long overdue adventure. I hope you guys can join me as I visit must-see places and must-try activities in Zamboanga - I'm sure it'll be so much fun. It'll be easier too if you guys can sign up for Globe's Unli20Plus so you can check my images on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook! :) Globe's Unli20Plus totally works for me cause I can surf anytime I want!

So, I'll meet up with you guys on my social media accounts, ayt? :) 

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  1. I just saw the Unli20Plus tvc last night with the hashtag #WonderfulMindaNOW. Will prolly post my own version of #WonderfulMindaNOW soon. :)


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