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Monday, July 14, 2014

I am still a blogger,don't you worry about that. However, I am also a TV host, a student, a daughter and all sorts of other things that they call you when you do other responsibilities. Spouting excuses again am I? In a span of a month's time, a lot has obviously happened. I'm going to list a few things I've been doing while I was gone from the blogging world -- and while I'm doing that, I'm going to include some outtakes from a fashion shoot slash OOTD photos taken by fellow blogger, Yuri Choi. 

  • Colored my hair a few times. You must be like "WHAAAT?". Yeah, I guess I had it done 3 times in a row. Yeah, that would have effects on how my hair is going to look like or it will simply die a colored death -- however I do hope it survives from all the coloring and chemicals. Check out my Instagram feed: @kaigrafia to see the many colors of my hair. Sorry hair, what can I do? I'm addicted to color yo!
  • Started having MPA Classes! Yey! I'm feeling super awesome because I just finally went for it. And guess what? Grad school is actually really fun and Im enjoying it. Learning is a continuous process and so this is what I'm willing to do for the sake of that. :)
  • Applied for a new job. You do believe that people get bored right? My current job is great but I simply cannot find the drive and motivation to go on. That's why I decided I need a new job to rev me back to life. I already passed the IQ exam and went through the essay and hands-on but I still have one level to go through -- interview. I just pray to God that I get this job. Include me in your prayers pretty please? 
Top, Skirt and Hat from PINKBERRY; Shoes from EZRA BY ZALORA  
  • Acquired new stocks for my online shop! One thing that I am really passionate about is business. I think I got it from my mama :) If you're new to my blog, I'm telling you now that I have an online shop that offers chic, trendy and affordable clothing as well as whitening beauty products. Curious to know what else I offer? Check Sugar-Rush on Instagram and Facebook! PS: We have an on-going IG Giveaway where one winner gets a 500PHP Gift Certificate to shop at Sugar-Rush :)

For now, that's all I'm willing to tell you guys. I have so many thing up my sleeve like a photoshoot with Studio Sefi yesterday. I am so excited to see the final photos!I will post them here too so you guys can see it. PS: My outfit for today is from Pinkberry, a clothing store located at 2/F Mindpro Citimall! If you're in Zamboanga, go check them out :)

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