What to do about dreaded wrinkles

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
There are few people in the world that can honestly say they love their wrinkles. While wrinkles can be perceived as a symbol of wisdom and experience, they are more often an unwelcome sign of growing older.

1.See a professional:

People who are unhappy about their wrinkles often seek the services of cosmetic industry professionals, such as Dr Joseph Ajaka. They go to Dr Ajaka for advice about the surgical and non-surgical strategies that can be used to lift sagging skin, plump out fine lines, and refresh a dull complexion.

There’s no doubt that Botox, fillers, lasers, face lifts, and liposuction are the most effective procedures for remedying the signs of age. However, a range of creams and peels exist and can be used if you are not ready for surgery or receiving treatment via a needle. So, if you would like to try a non-invasive anti-aging treatment first, here is a list of the best:

1. Moisturise often and generously

Wrinkles are often the result of dry skin. In fact, one study even shows that dry skin more than doubles rate of the development of lines.

Essentially then, it’s critical to keep your skin moisturised. Moisturisers work in both the short and long term. Temporarily, moisturisers help to plump up the skin, while in the longer term they keep skin soft and supple, and less susceptible to the appearance of lines.


Many dermatologists and cosmetic professionals concur that products containing retinoids are the only products on the market that have any success in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Retin-A and Renova are examples of retinoids that help to fight the signs of aging by increasing the rate at which cells turnover within the skin’s dermis.

Some people who have bee using Retin-A on their skin for years claim to have experienced results within just a fortnight. When Retin-A is used regularly, collagen renewal is stimulated and skin cells are much less likely to break down. Retin-A can also help to keep fine lines from progressing into more obvious furrows.
Retinoids are available in a range of strengths, but care should be taken with their use as they can irritate the skin. Many cosmetic industry professionals say that redness and peeling of the skin is not necessarily a sign that use of retinoids should be abandoned.

3. Use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) for a bright and dewy appearance

Typically, skin becomes more thin, dry and dull as we age. To address this, AHAs operate as an exfoliant, breaking down dead and dry skin, and the result is a refreshed, brighter and more dewy appearance. There is also some evidence that AHAs can increase skin thickness.

While AHAs come in the form of peels and creams, cosmetic industry professionals recommend that alpha-hydroxy acid peels are done no more than once a week.

4. Commit to antioxidants

The effects of free radicals (which are produced by the sun, pollution and stress), are incredibly damaging to the skin. Free radicals destroy healthy skin cells and cause collagen to breakdown. Wrinkles are the result.
It is wise to use an antioxidant cream each morning to combat these free radicals. Look for creams with a combination of two or more of these ingredients: vitamins C and E, green tea, and coenzyme Q10. The combination of these antioxidants can be thought of as a multi-vitamin that benefits the skin.

There are many ways to fight wrinkles. Many of the most effective involve surgery or treatment with a needle, while others are non-invasive and easy to obtain.

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