What's in my Something Borrowed Red Trapeze Bag?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being a very busy person, I care too much what goes into my bag. I tend to go from one place to another quite frequently so the weight that I carry really matters to me. I don't wanna end up getting shoulder aches or back aches because of too much weight; I've already tried that and it's something I don't wanna experience again. Due to this, I carefully select every single thing that gets a spot inside my bag like the everyday essentials. With a smaller bag, the contents are kept to a minimum and this is what I meant by that:

KEEP NOTES. I believe that any girl - whether a student or a professional - must keep a journal/notebook handy. You'll never when an awesome idea pops up. Ideas come and go very often so take time to write them down before it goes into oblivion. This is also useful for jotting down important notes, dates/schedules and other details. 

EYE PROTECTION. Eye-wear is definitely a must! Not only does it shield our eyes from direct sunlight but it also keeps us mega-stylish (just stick with one that's fashionable though!).  To protect your sunnies from being broken or destroyed, buy a case like the one above. Some brands already come with cases so take advantage of that.

COMB & COIN PURSE. Since I have Rapunzel-like long hair, combs are really essential to me. Keeping your tresses tidy and neat will do wonders for your look. Aside from a wallet, I also keep a coin purse. I find it a lot easier especially when I have to commute. 

SHOW ME THE MONEY. I got this sleek black Michaela wallet on sale - a whooping 50% off! I love that it's small and compact but can hold more than 7 cards. Compartments are great!

TECHY ESSENTIALS. For long days away from home, this phone charger is my bestfriend. I wasnt able to take photos of my phone coz it's the one I'm using for all the photos here. HAHA! Earphones for music and calls and a handy USB for all important work and personal files. You'll never know when an emergency comes right? So always be armed and ready. 

BEAUTY IN THE BAG. And as always, makeup is included in the list. I have yet to find beauty products that last a whole day without needing retouches but since those aren't available yet, I'm bringing these babies with me. I am loving Mary Kay's Lippies and Maybelline's Cheeky Glow for my cheeks. I also forgot to take a photo of my foundation, but I bring that too.

My choice of bag changes depending on my outfit or mood but for now I'm loving this wine-colored bag I got from Zalora. Get a similar one using my code ZBAP1vd for 15% off on your first order! Have a great day guys <3

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the keep notes! :)


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