Baked Goodies for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
baked goodies for the holidays

Tis the season to be hungry... falala lala la la! Oh hey hunnies! I'm back for another post and this time it has something to do with something we all love - FOOD! Since the holidays are here, I'm sure that most of you guys are already on the hunt for delicious food to prepare on the Noche Buena table or during Christmas dinner table. Well, you came to the right post. If you're from Zamboanga City, you'll appreciate the list I'm going to share with you. In Zamboanga, we have lots of bakeshops and dessert cafes to choose from - thank God! But for those who do not have the time to go out or for those of you who are simply against squeezing in during the Christmas rush, then why not shop online for desserts? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 3 online bakeshops which offer yummy desserts perfect for your christmas-sy palates! Read more after the jump...

1. The Kitchen Witch
09173141210 / 09215992222

Don't get the name wrong! You might imagine horrible witches mixing up potions in their cauldrons but the gals behind this shop are far from witches! They actually whip up enticing desserts for the sweet tooth. The Kitchen Witch is a home-based bakeshop specializing in couture cakes and cupcakes. For this season, they offer Christmas themed cakes and cupcakes perfect for your parties and perfect as gifts too!  Check out these cakes decked in holiday decor.

christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes
christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes

2. Christmas Baked Goodies by Jannie

My good friend and also fellow beauty blogger has now delved into baking. She really enjoys it that she has turned it into a business! From red velvet cakes and cupcakes to chocolate chip cookies, Jannie has definitely more to offer her clients. Drop by her profile and avail of her promo for the baked goodies she's whipping up in her kitchen :)

christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes
christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes

3. Yummylly Cakes

Aside from running an online shop, Yummylly cakes has recently opened up a fancy pink-themed shop at Brgy San Jose Gusu. Not only can you shop for yummy cakes and pastries, bakers can also pick up baking supplies and party needs at their grocery. Can you imagine how these yummy cupcakes will taste in your mouth?

christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes
christmas baked goodies cakes and cupcakes

Desserts will always be a part of the Filipino diet - it's always a great addition to our main courses. Whether or not it's Christmas, a good dessert will definitely go a long way. I definitely cannot wait to start baking again! But till then, I'll have to order yummy desserts from these awesome homebased bakeshops! How about you? What desserts are you whipping up? Have a happy holidays sweeties :)

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