Feeling Japanese

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's the month of December!!!! This month really gets everyone excited and you know why right? Lots of joyful celebrations happen during the 12 month; things get really light and breezy for most of us. There's the gift-giving, overflowing food and drinks and parties. But before I go on blabbering about this month, let me talk to you about my awesome weekend...

The weekend has been very busy for me. I was emcee for two big events in Zamboanga City. First, our church's 46th Anniversary Thanksgiving and second, Run for your Lives Zombie Fun Run held yesterday at Paseo de Jardin. I guess I really have to prepare myself for simultaneous activities. You need to be in good shape with sound mind and body for these type of events. But one thing is for sure, I am very grateful though that every event went really well!

Now let me take a moment to show my makeup and outfit during the Church Anniversary. You might be wondering why I am wearing a Japanese traditional costume... well that's because the theme for this year was United Nations: Go ye into the Nations ans preach the gospel of the Great I am. I have always wanted to wear a kimono and all the accessories that go with it. Good thing, fellow blogger Cee has a kimono so I decided to rent it for the event. My sister also wore a kimono which is a good thing cause we can be Japanese buddies! By the way, I didn't chop off my hair to have bangs guys. I'm using clip-on bangs I bought from Broadway Gems for only 199php! :) And to save on cash, I opted to do my own makeup like I always do on most occasions. Resourcefulness is really my thing you know. HAHAHA!

Here are the products I used for my Japanese-inspired makeup:

MUA Brighten and Conceal Kit, 
Sansan Liquid Foundation 03 
Ever Bilena Foundation Cake in 558 

Nichido Blusher in Rum 

NYX Runway Collection Eyeshadows
Ever Bilena Liquid Liner Black
Props Cosmetics Eyeshadows (Red)

Avon Matte Lipstick in Red

My sister, Keii Grafia, and I gamely posing for the camera :)


  1. You look so cute on that Japanese getup! :) Great job on the makeup as well! :)



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