Happy Feet equals a Happy Bride

Friday, December 05, 2014

A friend of mine has recently consulted me on what type of shoes to wear on her big wedding day. The last thing she wanted are aching ankles and blisters on her feet. I mean who would want that right? She also wanted something that's fashionable and would go well with her dress. As a reply, I gave her some tips I found on different sources to help her search for the right pair of shoes. 

Shoes must be comfortable. The bride must remember that she will be wearing her shoes for long hours during the wedding day so shoes must be properly padded and designed with comfort of the user in mind. Buying cheap shoes might be a cause of regret later when you find out that it hasn't served you comfortably. 

Choose shoes of good quality. I'm sure that with the preparations underhand, the budget would be tight but one must be prepared to shell out at least enough cash on the wedding gown and shoes. Make sure you buy something that's of good quality. There are different styles of wedding shoes you can find on Weddingshe and you might just find a great bargain.

Be open to different fabric choices. There are numerous choices in the market for different types of shoes. You may either opt for silk or satin which are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, but of course, your wedding dress and personal taste must have a say on which fabric to choose.

Bring your shoes to fittings - Who would want shoes that don't even match the hem length of their gown? That would look really funny and awkward! Make sure you have your shoes for your dress fittings, to enable your dress maker take the hem of your dress to the correct length. So you might have to order your shoes ahead of time!

Match or Mismatch with Color – Depending on the setting of your wedding, you may want to have your shoes customized to fit the color scheme and your personal style. You might consider buying shoes that would match the color of your designer bridesmaid dresses found here http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Bridesmaid-Dresses-10069/ or choose a shade lighter for you to stand out as the bride. 

Consider Heel height, sexy heels or versatile flats? - Go with something that would normally wear on a regular day. If you are used to wearing sky high heels then go for that on your wedding day because you are already comfortable with it. But if you're used to wearing flats but would want a bit of height, try to wear discount wedding shoes with kitten heels or platform heels. Ballet flats with embellishments would also look great if you prefer wearing flats. 

Lastly, remember, happy feet equals a happy bride! Give your feet a bit of TLC and get a cheeky pedicure to soften the skin and give your toes a great colour.

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