A Terrible Dream

Monday, January 05, 2015

Hello sweeties. For today, please allow me to divulge a very personal thing. I just want to write this down because it feels right to me to share this. There are nights when I forget what I dream about but lately, I remember vivid details of my dreams. Last night, or it might have already been dawn, I had a really terrible dream. A dream that led me to almost believe it was real. A dream that ended in me having a very heavy heart right until this moment where I decided to write it down. I might feel better after. 

My family were at home when it happened. I'm sure my sister and mom were with me because in my dream I saw the both of them. I never saw my dad and my brother but I was sure they were at home too. I wasn't sure what we were doing but I remember seeing  a pack of vicious wolves that suddenly came out of nowhere. These wolves were attacking the whole town and some of them have gotten into our yard. Most of the people were bitten and dead. 

My sister and I rushed and managed to climb a nearby tree. I imagine it must be the adjacent mango tree we have in our yard. For a moment, we were safe from the wolves. I remember the fear being very real. I asked my sister where our mom was, she answered that our mom said she couldn't run from the wolves anymore and that our mom stood behind. Suddenly, I noticed a huge monster emerging, making its way towards us. I came to recognize him as Frankeinstein with the bolts in his forehead. He was trying to reach us so he could maybe tear us apart. All I remember was fighting for our lives. He caught my foot but I managed to kick his hand off of it. 

I don't exactly remember how we knocked him off but we did. When everything was clear,  we went down from the tree and were shocked to see so many dead people everywhere. People I don't recognize though - no, none of our neighbors' faces. But I was puzzled and worried because I have not seen my mom. I again remembered what my sister said. I went looking for her around the house but she couldn't be found. My aunt and her daughter appeared and I told her about the situation. I was losing hope of ever finding my mom again. 

And then it all dawned on me that she was dead. I couldn't accept it at first but I was already crying so hard. My aunt tried to console me but I just cried and cried and my heart felt like it was going to burst from all the sorrow. It was a really terrible feeling. I thought of my mom and all she did for us and I could not save her. I felt so much pain like the world fell on me. When suddenly, I woke up. I was confused at first... so confused. But then it dawned on me that it was all just a dream! Oh what relief! You can only imagine the relief I felt - it was like being drenched it water. After a few minutes, I heard a knock on our door, my mom came in to get her charger from our nightstand. I said to myself, "Thank you Lord that it was all just a dream!".

I still wonder though why my heart feels so heavy. Maybe it was because I dreamt of my mother's death. I can't take it and I am really bothered by it. I wonder what that dream meant. Any ideas? Have you had a similar dream lately? 

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  1. I'm not sure what it meant too and yes, I've had these kinds of dreams but not recently. I've had one dream where our compound was attacked by snakes and the other dream were zombies and everyone was dead except me. I kept wondering why I was consistently the only one left alive in the scene. Maybe because I was the one dreaming? Haha. But it was really creepy and I remember waking up at dawn crying or sometimes screaming.


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