Wedding Gowns: Something New For 2015

Thursday, January 08, 2015

With the start of the new year, trends are already pouring in, from fashion to food and events. One of the aspects that most women would love to know about would be the latest in wedding trends. 2015 is going to be a cool year for soon-to-married women because this year, we've seen so many astonishing looks on the runway. Here are just a few trends to watch out for this year of the sheep! 

Off-the-Shoulder Necklines
Off-shoulders dresses can be really romantic and can stand the test of time. They can be considered as one of the greatest new necklines for this year. Lots of fashion designers have already tried on different styles for this trend. This type of gown would fit those gals who have the heart for bohemian-inspired fashion.

New Colors
I think it's time for you guys to say goodbye to blush for wedding gowns. Some of the colors that made its way to popularity for this season are blue, gray and one of my fave colors - mint— and I am very excited to see this in wedding events guys! You can look for an affordable champagne bridal to wear to your wedding to match the trend of 2015 wedding dresses and introduce a new color. You can easily spot discount champagne wedding dresses online. 

Trend: Cool Tulle Skirts
One of the nicest trends to emerge as well is the tulle-fabric. It can transform your look from drab to ballerina-fab in a second! Layering it will also add more drama to the gown.

Trend: Capes
Many women raised an eyebrow on the cape trend before, maybe because it is out of the box and too superhero-ish. But this year, capes are a hit for wedding gowns! It can add more cover to the bride (spell w-i-n-t-e-r)  and/or add some drama as well as the bride walks down the aisle. Check out some of the designers creations online and it might inspire you to don the trend too!

Trend: Collars
Remember Snow White's evil queen/step-mother? She had this standing collar that really made her sperate from other characters! Imagine if you could wear one for your wedding. I think it would be a really welcome addition to popular necklines of all time. 

Trend: 30s Glam
When it comes to wedding gowns, women now want to show off their slim and curvy physiques - I must admit, it is also one of my favorites. Adding sparkels to the equation doesn't hurt one bit too! Gowns like these give off a very delicate aura, an elegance that people will admire.

Trend: Beach Chic
A number of weddings have taken place in sandy beaches and in trpopical islands. So why not dress up for the venue? Some of our designers have picked up this idea and turned weding gowns into beach chic dresses. Crop tops, peekaboos for a wedding? It's definitely new but can still look very flaterringwith tanned skin and beach waves for the hair.

How awesome are these wedding gown trends for 2015!? I am so excited to see some pretty brides donning these trends - I am all for the beach chic trend cause I am planning to have a beach wedding soon! For those of you who would like to check out the trends, is the right site for you. 

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