Match your Bridal Dress with these Hairstyles

Thursday, February 05, 2015
Yes, you do have the unique wedding dress or the perfect bridal wedding dresses from bridalup, the perfect accessories, clutch and shoes for your upcoming romantic wedding but do you know what perfect hairstyle will fit you on that perfect event? Here we have three perfect hairstyles for you to try and make your special day complete!

Soft Tease / Polished Pony / Roman Ponytail

Soft Tease
How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Make a deep side part, sectioning off your bangs. Brush them to one side.
Step 2: Gently back-comb the hair at your crown to create lots of lift. Pat the top layer down for a smoother look.
Step 3: Sweep all of your hair to one side behind your ear, and secure at the back of your head with a vertical line of bobby pins, from the nape of your neck up.
Step 4: Roll your hair back inward against the bobby pins to create a twist, and use U-shaped pins to lock it in place. Set with strong-hold hairspray. Finish with a hit of shine spray or a dab of pomade to lock wispies in place.

Polished Pony
How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Apply a smoothing product to damp hair and blow-dry, using a round brush.
Step 2: Go over one-inch sections of hair with a flat-iron for sleekness. Flick your wrist under at the ends to give them a slight bounce.
Step 3: Gather the top three-quarters of hair into a high pony. Secure with a hooked elastic. (It will save you from bumps!) Wrap a small piece of hair around base to cover it.
Step 4: Brush the and the loose section of hair together, blending them into one long seamless cascade.

Roman Ponytail
How to Get the Look:

Step 1: Comb your hair back into a sleek ponytail at the crown of your head. Use a fine-tooth comb to help smooth any bumps.
Step 2: Dip your fingertips into a pomade, then lightly run them over your hair — it will maximize shine and fight frizz all night long.
Step 3: Tie a metallic piece of silk cord around the base of your pony, leaving two long pieces on either side. Crisscross them down the length of your pony. When you get to the end, wrap them around tightly a few times, knot the cord, then snip the excess.
Tip: Gently pull sections of your pony with your fingers for a more volumizing shape.

Aren't these hairstyle ideas perfect to match your wedding dress? If you're still looking for that perfect dress, check out and you might find a match!

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