Let's Chill at Baguio

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Strawberries at Benguet Strawberry Farm
Hello love! The past few months have been a blast for me, but not for this blog. Inspiration sometimes can be elusive and I cannot blame myself for the lack of it. Or should I? I've practically been a hermit for these past months or not. There were few exciting things - my trip to Baguio with workmates, playing Clash of Clans lately and hosting. Oftentimes, it was just work. And nothing much happens with work. Anyway, I just hope that this year will be different for me and this blog. For now, I'll leave you with some of my Baguio trip photos.

My workmates and I traveled to Baguio last February. It was chillin' at 14 degrees Celsius. We were just in time for their activities since it's almost Panagbenga Festival :) We enjoyed visiting the tourist spots and enjoyed touristy activities (as usual). Baguio was a great place to enjoy your summer vacation. Visit it sometime.

 Till then! xoxo

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