Review: The Face Shop Chiffon Cream (Strawberry)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry review

Are you one of those girls who fall in love with cute packaging and sweet scents? I am! That is one of the reasons that pushed me to purchase this product from KOCO (Korean Cosmetics) shop. It is a hand and body lotion from The Face Shop which they call "chiffon cream" due to its thick consistency. The TFS Fruits line boasts of three yummy fruity varieties - strawberry, green grapes and gold kiwi. All yummy and healthy fruits, right? ♥ They are healthy for our skins too! Check out the cute packaging:

Among the three available, I chose the Strawberry variant because one, I love strawberries! When we went to Baguio this year, I had a fill of their tangy strawberries and I enjoyed eating them while we were there. There were testers at the shop so I got the chance to waft the scents and I only fell in love more with this - it smells exactly like strawberries and cream! Here is the site description of the product: 
Content: 100ml | Best for All Skin Types | Hydrating
Price: PHP 195.00 (KOCO Shop, Yubenco)
A hand and body cream, which brings a feeling of chiffon, with a scent of fresh strawberry. After a shower, get adequate amount and evenly spread out on hands, body, and dry area.
The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry  review
The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry

Packaging:  Once again, the packaging is super cute, although I must tell you that TFS has way cuter stuff than this. But since the product is housed in a tub/jar this might be unhygienic for some. If scooping out product from a tub is a no-no for you, then you might not go for this. At the back of the tub, you will see the customary label decked out with the product description, ingredients and what-not. As you can see, most of it (almost all!) is written in Korean and I cannot understand a thing. I found the ingredients online though. Good thing that the expiry date is visible and readable - numbers are no match for me. HAHAHA! 

The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry

Quality: The product itself looks really rich and creamy with a thick consistency. It's also slightly tinted. The smell is absolutely heavenly - which made me fall for it in the first place. Some people are not fond of fruity scents though, so if you're one of them, you might skip this. The cream glides onto skin smoothly. Spreading and working the product onto the skin is a breeze. It leaves my skin pretty moisturized and soft to the touch plus it does not feel sticky or icky at all! It absorbs really fast too so you don't have to stand in front of a fan and wait for it to dry. The sweet strawberry scent lasts on my skin for hours which is a total plus! A 100ml tub like this will last you a month or so because a little goes a long way for this baby. 

The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry

Overall:  I give this product a 4/5 stars. I love how the scent, the packaging and how quickly it dries on my skin but still moisturizing. It's like lathering on freshly picked strawberries on your whole body after stepping out of the shower! Almost like a dessert after the main course! It's not bad for its price though. But if you're looking for lotions that have multiple functions like whitening and/or firming, then please skip this one. 

The Face Shop Hand and Body Chiffon Cream Strawberry

There you go! My comeback review for this blog. As you can see in the photo, I still have more skincare products to review so I hope you watch out for it. I am so excited to share with you all my latest purchases and my honest reviews of each. Plus, I will also be having a huge comeback giveaway soon... So stay with me. Have a great day ahead lovelies :)

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