Luxe or Bust! Shop Bric's Luggage for Premium Travel Pieces this Holiday

Thursday, November 26, 2015
When it comes to buying premium travel products this Christmas, it’s hard to look past Bric’s. Bric’s travel products are made with the finest materials by some of the world’s leading craftsmen. The different collections of Bric’s travel pieces available are designed to suit all types of travellers. The travel products available are designed for travellers ranging from those who want more sophisticated, stylish suitcases and cabin cases, to more casual adventurers who require backpacks and holdalls for their travels. 

Whether you’re purchasing this type of travel item for yourself or for someone else this holiday season, you have plenty of options available. Bric’s has a number of different travel piece collections to choose from. The most popular Bric’s travel piece collections include the following:

• Life Collection
• Bellagio & Bojola Collections
• X-Travel Collection
• X-Bag Collection
• Holdalls and Shoulder Bags
• Accessories

Life Collection
The Life collection of luxury travel products includes all of the different types of product you will ever need for your future adventures. The most popular products in the Life collection include wash bags, garment bags, clipper holdalls, four-wheel cabin cases, two wheel cabin cases, laptop briefcases, clipper holdalls and four-wheel suitcases. 

All of these products are made from PVC micro-suede with leather trims and come in an attractive olive colour. The products in this collection also include many of the features you expect to find in premium travel product such as address tags, adjustable packing, straps, exterior pockets, telescopic pull handles, TSA combination padlocks and zip compartments.

Bellagio & Bojola Collections
The Bellagio and Bojola travel piece collections are designed to make an instant impression when you go on vacation. They include premium quality cabin cases and suitcases. These travel pieces are currently available in a range of attractive colours including olive, cream and black. Address tags, adjustable packing, straps, integrated TSA combination locks, lightweight packing divider pads, telescopic pull handles and zip compartments are available on the different types of travel products in the Bellagio and Bojola collections.

X-Travel and X-Bag Collections
Bric’s caters for more adventurous customers too. The X-Travel and X-Bag collections are designed for more casual travellers who still appreciate high quality craftsmanship and high quality materials. Backpacks, holdalls, cabin cases and suitcases make up this collection of travel pieces for travellers with different requirements. 

Once again the products in the X-Travel and X-Bag collections include all of the features you expect in premium travel products such as exterior pockets, interior pockets, zip compartments, address tags, sleeves, storage pouches straps and other useful features.

All of the collections above are extremely popular with a wide range of travellers who demand high quality travel products. However, there are many travel-related accessories you can also get that will complement the items in these popular collections.

Luxury travel pieces are the perfect type of gift to give loved ones or friends at Christmas. You may also be purchasing this type of product for yourself for your next vacation. Either way, Bric’s suitcases and travel accessories stand out from the crowd.

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