Looking the part: Finding the best yoga wear

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In recent years, it seems that the ancient practice of yoga has become increasingly trendy. From seniors to kids, those who are fit and those who have no previous workout experience, yoga is the perfect way to get our daily exercise. 

One of the best things about yoga – aside from the fact that virtually anyone can learn to do it – is that it requires little equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. As long as you have a yoga mat and the right kind of clothing, you can practice your downward dog just about anywhere. So, what exactly is the right kind of clothing for yoga? In truth, you can do it in anything that is comfortable and allows free range of motion, but to really look and feel the part, you’ll need to invest in some true yoga clothing.

Choosing yoga wear can seem like a daunting proposition, given the fact that there are so many options out there. Fortunately, if armed with just a little bit of knowledge, you should be able to come home from a yoga clothing shopping trip having found just the thing that’s right for you.

The great news is that you can purchase yoga clothing virtually everywhere these days. Big-name department stores, sporting-goods stores and even regular clothing stores offer a wide selection of items that are perfectly suited to working out and doing yoga. If you want to go the online route, companies such as Fabletics offer customers the opportunity to order your yoga pieces online. This is a convenient way to shop, as long as you know your size. Always check the return policy before you order. A reputable company will have a customer-friendly return policy. 

Regardless of where you purchase your items, the first thing to know is that yoga wear should not constrict your movement in any way. That means no zippers, buttons, snaps, stiff material, etc. Yoga pants, yoga leggings, snugly fitting t-shirts and tank tops in a breathable fabric are your best choices. If you are ordering online from a company you aren’t familiar with, it’s best to start with just a couple of pieces until you know how they fit and what you need.

Comparison shopping is a good idea, too. Look around not only in terms of price, but also the best selection and value. Yoga clothes come in virtually every colour of the rainbow, so why not let your choice be an expression of your personal style? Also, if you plan on having your yoga wear take you from the yoga studio to the grocery store, bear that in mind when choosing a style. You will likely want to choose a line that comes with pieces that can also pass for casual everyday wear, rather than pieces that are, for example, too revealing.

When it comes to dipping your toe into the world of yoga for the first time, choosing the right clothing is important. It’s not just about how you look, but if you choose items that make you look great and that inspire you to want to get into the gym and work out, you’ve already won half the battle. The lucky thing is, there is no shortage of choices out there to suit ever body type, personal style and fitness needs.


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