Apple and Eve

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When the “BER” months came in, I expected a lot of merriment. However, merriment for me meant a different thing altogether. It was work and play. On September 24, Yuri and I together with Vin and Deneese where launched as the Faces of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival and were dubbed as #Zambassadors (See what they did there? Zamboanga + Ambassadors). We will be touring around Campuses to bring the Hermosa Festival Spirits to younger generations of Zamboanguenos and hopefully they will participate more and be active. Check out the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Page for more updates on the activities for this October!

A photoshoot was scheduled for the Zambassadors but being the blogger that I am, I asked Yuri to take a few snaps before I head on to the real thing. 

Hair and Makeup by Vincci Descalzo | Shoes by Muy Bien Bonita

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