Monday, September 19, 2016

Gone are the days when people equated cardigans to grandmother. True, these comfy cotton cover-ups used to be worn exclusively by lovely old ladies in rocking chairs and on park benches, buttoned up against the chill of the light breeze without being too warm. 

But fashion has caught up and seen the practicality of this garment – and has thus modernized it. Cardigans for women and men are now every fashion aficionado’s go-to piece of clothing for style and statement. It looks great on any body type, can come in many different styles, and is just downright fun to play with. In this article, we give you the top ways you can wear your cardigan to go from layered to casual chic. 

There is nothing sexier and more stylish than a floor-sweeping cardigan paired with cute mid-thigh shorts and calf-high boots or high-tops. The overall look is effortlessly dramatic without being too theatrical. Regardless of height, weight, or shape, the silhouette of a floor length cardigan is sure to turn heads. Try it in shades of black and grey for that extra sleek style. 

Here’s a fashion fun fact: tunic tops rarely work for short women and women with short torsos and longer legs. If you fall under these categories, you have to really hunt for tunic tops with certain cuts or styles to make the look work. Guess what? Tucking in a cardigan achieves that certain slouchy, playful look that only tunic tops and oversized shirts can give you. Pair it with a tank top and shorts from StyleWe to create contrasts that will really lengthen your body. 

The biggest problem some people have with cardigans for women is that they’re usually shapeless and baggy. If cut right and on certain body types, that bagginess can make someone look cute and comfy. On other body types – and if chosen wrongly –a shapeless cardigan can make even the curviest woman look like a blob. A quick-fix solution is to cinch the cardigan at the waist or upper hips with a stylish belt. The resulting look is one of effortless class that is just so casual chic. 

This may seem a bit ironic, given that we were talking about shapeless and baggy cardigans in the previous paragraph. But there is a certain charm to cardigans that are three sizes too big for you. They can make you look cozy and comfortable without losing that fashion-forward vibe. They’re like hoodies in the sense that they keep you warm – knitted and wool cardigans especially –but they keep the chic, sophisticated vibe that hoodies just can’t manage. 

Draped cardigans with open fronts give you so many options to play with. Cardigans with layered, draped bottoms or sleeves are fancy enough already, so you don’t have to worry about embellishments or extra accessories to make it work. If you feel like making a powerful statement, try a cardigan in a solid, elegant color – like velvet red, deep emerald, or navy blue – and then play it off with a washed-out shirt underneath and some black leggings.You can switch it around and wear dark colors underneath – like a black turtleneck and dark denims –and pair it off with a cream-colored cardigan. The possibilities are endless! Here, you can find more cardigans.

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