Don't Forget Your Hat

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Your mom probably told you “don't forget your hat” on cold winter days. Well, she was right because your head holds most of your body warmth. A great winter hat not only keeps you warm and cozy, but it also hides a bad hair day when you're in a rush to get out of the house. Take a look at some stylish winter hats that are fashion must-haves for 2017.

Floppy hats with more tailored style lend a look of casual sophistication to your wardrobe. With wide brims that are not too structured, they make a great pairing with pants suits, dresses, skirts and sweaters, and jeans that you'll find on the Peak Boutique website. They come in a variety of stylish materials from cotton to cashmere and a range of colors from white to black. 

Fur is in vogue for 2017. Whether it's fake fur, real fur, or anything else that resembles fur, you'll see plenty of furry hats this winter. You can find muff-style hats that rest high on your head, stylish toboggans with pom-poms on top, furry hats with ties, and small fur caps with extended ear warmers. If you like fur, there's a great choice of furry winter hats to choose from. 

Snapbacks are the latest fashion must-haves for the hip and cool fashionista. Designed in the casual style of baseball caps, they feature all types of fabrics and stylish logos. You can find snapbacks in fake fur, animal prints, stripes and plaids, and sporting all kinds of logos from vintage to modern. Snapbacks are especially popular with the younger generation who like to show off unique style.

The latest fashion statement for winter hats is veils that drape your face in soft netting. It's not a look that feels familiar, but it's showing up on all the biggest fashion runways. You'll see beanies, berets, snapbacks, as well as ear muffs and ear warmers with veils. The netted veils don't add any warmth, but they certainly add punches of color and unique style.

Ear Muffs and Ear Warmers
If you want a fun and stylish way to stay warm this winter, go out and buy ear muffs and ear warmers. They're great to keep your ears warm when you don't want to put on a hat. What could be cuter than fuzzy pink ear muffs or muffs with glittered and jeweled headbands. You'll find ear muffs and ear warmers in all types of fun fabrics and colors that make a great fashion statement.

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