Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Returns Home From Hospital

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
She's going home! Maddie Aldridge, the eight year old daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, left the hospital via helicopter on Friday, almost one week after a horrible ATV accident that left her submerged underwater for several minutes waiting on first responders. Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson (Maddie's stepfather) both posted on social media, praising the staff of the New Orleans' Children's Hospital, and first responders. Maddie's famous aunt, Britney Spears, who had flown to Louisiana to be with her niece, also posted on social media, thanking fans for their prayers and support.

Jamie Lynn held hands with Maddie as she walked out of the children's hospital on her own on Friday, before heading home in a helicopter. Her stepfather, Jamie Watson, and father, Casey Aldridge, exchanged handshakes before parting ways. Maddie looked to be doing well, with the only noticeable injury being a bruise on her neck. Her mom was all smiles, as expected, when she was bringing her baby girl home. Maddie, who has in the ATV accident Sunday, January 4, was underwater for several minutes until first responders arrived to free her from her seat belt. She was unconscious until Tuesday morning, when her ventilator was removed and she began talking on her own. Sources say that their appears to be no neurological damage and that Maddie should make a full recovery. So good to hear!

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