What I Love About My 5AM Routine and Eating Clean

Thursday, June 23, 2022

 Let me start off with my observations from yesterday's 5AM routine. 

What I love about it:

  • I had more energy throughout the day. I know it sounds counterintuitive but I really did have much energy to go on with my day. Granted I didn't have a very busy day yesterday but still I didn't feel sleepy at all. I usually feel very sluggish when midday rolls around, much more after eating a big and hearty lunch.  
  • I feel good too! I'm in a better mood. I can concentrate or focus on tasks at work better.
  • Being able to clock in at the office by 8AM so I can leave exactly by 5PM. I did a  better time today (8:02AM) compared to yesterday (8:16AM). Arriving early to work means I can have a few minutes of quiet time to do some blogging!
  • Gave me a lot of time to do more things in the evenings when I come home. I was able to shop for groceries (healthy, clean food) after clocking out from work. I walked the whole route going to SM Mindpro - which is an added exercise for me - I was carrying my bag pack and lunch bag too! 
  • I was able to meditate on God's word :) The reading was taken from the book of Judges!
  • Speaking of doing more things, I was able to meal prep a portion of my breakfast for today. I boiled some medium sized potatoes and mashed them, added milk and butter and voila - homemade creamy mashed potatoes for breakfast. I left them in the fridge stored in an airtight Tupperware container. 
  • I slept the same time I did the other night. By 8:30 PM, I already started winding down. I had to very intentional about this by turning off the TV (I was watching lifestyle videos on YT), turning off the lights inside the room. getting off of the wifi for all my devices, left my phone on the desk instead of my nightstand, took my vitamin C and left a glass of water next to me. By 9PM, I guess I was already off to dreamland! 

It's not easy to switch to clean eating after being used to eating unhealthy junk foods for most meals and not to mention burning a hole in your pocket at the same time. But I wanted to build muscle mass and shred some fats along the way, that's why I switched to eating less sugary foods, less processed foods and those that contribute to my unsightly belly fat. 

Instead of reaching for sugar-laden foods, I chose to eat protein-rich ones. After workouts, I opt for a whey protein smoothie or a fruit smoothie, think bananas, berries, avocado, yogurt, low fat milk and a dash of maca root powder or moringa leaves powder. 

I admit I am underweight. I weigh only 51 kg for a height of 5'5". So what must I do about this? I'm pretty sure I can't lose any more weight lest it makes me more underweight. I plan to switch to more proteins so I can get a little heavier due to muscle mass than fat mass. 

I noticed the first time I only had protein whey smoothie with fruits at 6AM made me hungry by 9AM. So this day I decided to eat a heavier meal. I mentioned the mashed potatoes I prepped the night before - I had that with fried eggs with runny yolk and some good ól pork and beans (without the pork). It was such a filling meal. Will let you guys know if it makes me full until lunchtime. 

I'm planning to buy more nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecans. Alas! They're not always available in our grocery stores. And when they are, they're too pricey! I went on shopee last night and saw some affordable options! I might buy them plus dried berries (raspberry, blueberry, cranberry). 

For lunch and dinner, I eat only a cup of rice plus lots of veggies and fish for that nice amount of protein and carbs. I finish off with a fruit shake for added nutrients. 

I'll return tomorrow for Day 3 of my 5AM routine!

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