There are many ways to work with Let me break down all the services that we can offer you on the site. Feel free to inquire and choose which ones will suit your needs: 

1. Link Advertisements
Links are sold for 3 months, 6 months to 12 months duration. 

2. Banner Advertisements
Banner cost will vary by the size [95x95, 300x300, 150x150] and will be sold for 3 months, 6 months to 12 months duration. This is the best option to get for more exposure to your online shop or blog. 

***Please send us an Inquiry for the rates/prices thru our Contact Form*** 

Sponsorship means you will send me products on a monthly basis and I will feature your products on a month to month basis. Through sponsorship, you will be given a free banner ad which I will place on my sidebar, until cease of partnership (until you stop sending products). Size of the banner will vary on the type of product sent every month. 

· I am continuously accepting sponsorship / collaboration for clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, makeup and wigs. All images can be used freely by the sponsor on their website or social network. 

One-off Reviews
One-Off review means you will send me your product to be reviewed once and I will include a link of your store/Twitter link in my blog entry. Absolutely no advertisements or banners included. If you wish to add an advertisement, you will have to purchase from my advertising option. 

Conducting giveaways is a great way to gain potential clients, FB Page Likes, Twitter Followers. If you choose this option, I would require you to pay a Giveaway Fee of PHP1000.00. 

This fee will include: 
a) One (1) Giveaway Post with the Rafflecopter Application. 
b) Link of your store/blog on the Giveaway Post 
c) Max of 3 links for the Giveaway (Blog, FB Page & Twitter) 
d) Promotion on my FB Page, Twitter & Tumblr. 
e) Prizes, Prize photo & shipping must be shouldered by the client. 

Payment Details 
For payments, I would prefer if you settle it through Paypal since it’s easier to use and is more secure. Upon agreement on paying via Paypal, you also agree to pay the 2% fee that they charge me when I receive payments from you. Before sending payments, please wait for me to send an invoice thru paypal or email as well.

For Philippine Sponsors/Clients, I can also accept payments via BPI Bank Deposit & GCash. If you choose to pay this way, please send me a message so I can send you further details such as Account Name & Number (BPI) & Mobile Number (GCash.) 

Feel free to contact me directly on my email or use my contact form.